Tortured House Maid With Decayed Maggot Infested Finger Rescued In Lagos As Police Arrest Couple

house maid maggot infested finger lagos

Feb 27, 2018 – Photos: Battered House Girl With Maggot Infested Finger Wound Rescued In Ijegun Lagos As Police Arrest Couple

For allegedly battering a 9-year-old house girl, Favour Chiamaka, a couple, Valentine and Stella Anyakaora have been arrested at their home in Ijegun area of Lagos.

Favour Chimaka who was sent on an errand yesterday was rescued by a Good Samaritan who spotted her decaying finger.

After Chiamaka who was brought to Lagos from the east narrated her ordeal, the man concluded that she was being maltreated.

Mr Iyke Nzelibe who shared these photos on Facebook yesterday said an Human Rights group was contacted before police from Satellite Division in Ijegun raided the home of the couple.

house maid maggot infested finger lagos

Police spokesman, Chike Oti said the couple will soon be charged the court.

5 thoughts on “Tortured House Maid With Decayed Maggot Infested Finger Rescued In Lagos As Police Arrest Couple

  1. Its better to create a department to oversee such maltreatment to house helps,many are used for ritual,ortured,molested and raped.they will stay based on economic hardship in the nation and their biological parents depend on meagre funds from hist family to keep them afloat.

  2. How can a 9yr old be used as a housegirl. A child that still needs care is meant to go through this hell? The couple must never go scot free and must be made to take over the girl’s welfare till she leaves university. We condemn Libya yet there is the spirit of Libya in the hearts of Nigerians

  3. People should endeavor to educate their children and stop seeing them as money making tools. Why should a 9 year old be a house maid when she should be in school under the care and custody of her parents? Stop breeding children you cannot raise, especially women. This is year 2018, for crying out loud. This is child abuse on the part of the child’s parents and so called employers. Child labor must be outlawed and punishable with imprisonment. Even women selling peppers and vegetables in markets now know the value of education. This sad story reflects the reality of Nigeria’s economy and the wide gap between those that have and the have nots. I wonder how people, especially women, can be so cruel and inhuman to maltreat children. My heart bleeds for that little girl. Remember that our children will one day face the consequences of our actions and reap what we sow.

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