Photos: Taliban Terrorists Who Killed 148 Students & Teachers In Pakistan

photos taliban gunmen killed students pakistan

Dec 18, 2014 – Pictures: Taliban Terrorists, Gunmen Who Massacred 148 Students & Teachers In Pakistan On Tuesday

Two days ago, some heartless devil in human-form stormed a school in Pakistan killing over 148 on the spot.

On Tuesday, seven Taliban gunmen armed with AK 47 rifles sprayed bullets and bombs on innocent children receiving lecture at a government-owned army school for 9 full hours before soldiers intervened.

Pakistani authorities have released graphic photos from the massacre to show the whole world the evil Jihadists are causing all over the world.

See the photos below>> VIEWERS DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED The principal office where a suicide bomber blows himself up the same day.

All the 7 terrorists died during a gun battle with Pakistani soldiers.

It is very painful. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Taliban Terrorists Who Killed 148 Students & Teachers In Pakistan

  1. Islam itself was founded on wrong ideology that is why the religion is producing more terrorist everyday.
    When a peace loving christian convert to muslim, he or she is turned to terrorist.
    Without islam, this world will be a better place

    • You are as ignorant as the rest of your family. If islam allowed blood shedding and killing of innocent people, do u think u would even be born, even your parent wouldn’t have bn in existence.

    • Islam is a clean religion that preach Peace,Love and Unity. It never and will never support the killing of innocent soul. Evil people only hide under d umbrella of jihad to execute their demonic act. God will definitely judge them. jihad never means killing, but preaching to the right path.

  2. They are loners who were brainwashed to have many virgins in heaven. I wish one of them can come back to narrate his experience i hell to other brainwashed muslims still alive.

  3. Islam is a demonic religion,I have ready ***** from cover to cover and I came to realise that 50% of the book is about revenge, murder, attacks

  4. Wat is dis? A man woke up one early morning, afta a superlativ 9tmare, & proposed 2d world a religion of gore & terror, & suprisingly, he was acceptd. I jst wonda y diz moslems cnt analyse things 4 demselvs. If God were2b dis wicked, do they think dat anybdy would hav been left on earth by nw? If hell aw8s those blood-thirsty adventurers, I wonda wat aw8s dat devil-incarn8 founda of their cause 4 deluding millions…billions.
    God, save us all!

  5. So painful….. What is Islam turning into. Tribute to those Who died in the incident, and for those who lost there love ones may Allah give them heart of endurance.

  6. You just nailed, they are doing all of these for p***y. Where will they find it in heaven, can terrorists who killed children make heaven? God forbid

  7. No any good muslim will do such a horrible and terrible thing. Islam has not ever permitted anyone to kill somebody, rather, those who kill innocent people will be drown to hell fire.

  8. Islamic clerics must be monitored and every Govt should establish a body to strictly supervise and approve islamic teachings as it is done in Qatar,Saudi Arabia etc. Any wrong teaching should attract death sentence. Islam in wrong hands is a time bomb. It is a known fact now that Muslims kill Muslims more than any other religion in the world. No doubt about it, there is a serious problem about the religion. i dont understand why there is so much blood shed in islam? Iam a muslim but the truth is bitter

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