Photos: Woman Boards Virgin America Flight In Underwear

woman boards virgin america underwear

August 15, 2016 – Shocker: Woman Boards Virgin America Flight Wearing Underpants

A blonde shocked fellow Virgin America airline passengers after she showed up on the check-in line in a pair of underpants.

According to a Reddit user who posted the above photo, the blonde was seen speaking with a staff of the airline as she exposed her behind carelessly.

It is still unknown what prompted the lady to dress in such reckless manner.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Woman Boards Virgin America Flight In Underwear

  1. I believe she was in hurry to board the airline that made her forgot to wear her skirt or trouser. Stupid woman

  2. The dressing is not reckless in there eyes over there and that was why she wasn’t cautioned by the onlookers. Its there culture. Most white people accepted it. Unfortunately,the impart this type of dressing and appearance in the public use to have on our african women is really disturbing. In the name of meeting up with the 21st century life style,they may like to gradually adopt this degrading public appearance. I just hope it doesn’t happen.

  3. ILLLLLL mannered, was she going to swim in d airport or plane??…thought NG’s would censor her buttocks as usual, u let us see this dry bone lol

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