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Plateau Governor Simon Lalong Should Stop Begging Buhari On Paradang Suspension – Oruma

simon lalong begging buhari

August 25, 2015 – Plateau Governor Simon Lalong Should Stop Begging Buhari On Paradang Suspension – Oruma

We did complained in the last few days about the heinous crime committed against humanity when Paradang in conjunction with Abba Moro holdsway as DG Immigration Service and Minister of Interior respectively.

Alas! It is no surprise when PMB with his Monday Hammer came down heavily on Mr. Paradang for inappropriate conduct with the issuance of Visa to the most wanted ISIS terrorists. However, while this reason may be enough for Paradang suspension by the Presidency, it is obvious his cup of sin is to the brim.

Mr. Paradang in collaboration with the comprado elites spearheaded by corrupt-Abba Moro extorted, short-changed and killed innocent jobless Nigerians for no fault of theirs on account of greed and unending amassing of wealth, yet these corrupt personalities want a soft landing.

It is high time Nigerians stopped ethnic politicking on the alter of sentimental values, as we must move away from such practices in this era of Change. Shameful enough, the Executive Governor of Plateau State Mr. Lalong is now pleading with PMB to temper justice with mercy in order to rescind his earlier suspension of Mr. Paradang.

Until Mr. Paradang exonerate himself from the mishap of Immigration Recruitment Exercise of March 15 of 2014 that led to innocent jobless Nigerians scammed to death, such plea on his behalf may fall into deaf ears, and that Plateau State is an APC is not a criteria for perpetuating illegality, as those found culpable of wrong doing no matter how highly placed he or she may be must be ready to face the consequence.

Must these elites justify their lapses by running to Mr. President at every of his decision that affect the super-rich in the society?and if this is a new standard PMB should allow his door wide- open to Nigerian youths for the injustice done to them as a result of corruption and financial recklessness.

We urge his Excellency PMB to rebuke the Executive Governor of Plateau State Mr. Lalong, the same way we expected him with regard to Peace Committee led by Bishop Mathew Kukah. It is sacrilege and perpetual rape of our emotional intelligence for any person or group of individuals to plead on- behalf of anybody because he or she is connected to the Presidency.

These corrupt celebrities at the helm of affair have held this country hostage for such a long time despite massive investment on them through free scholarship by the Nigerian government at the time, but ironically they pay back the society with massive loot of our collective patrimony, denied young Nigerians to attain his or her potentials, murdered integrity and meritocracy for their selfish-end and despise Nigerian youths to drive home their point that government must not provide jobs for everybody.

As a mark of honour we enjoined Mr. Paradang to tender an apology to Nigerians and thanks PMB for allowing him for such along time and if the then Custom Boss Abdullahi Diko could tender his resignation for a service long-served, we expect Mr. Paradang to do same other than trying to lobby his way back to the corridor of power. Whereas, the right time for the DSS and EFCC to act is now as there shall be no sacred cow no matter whose ox is gored.

PMB is a man of integrity with good sense of reasoning, and we wonder why people of questionable character would not let him be to govern us with absolute trust? Surprisingly the Presidential Villa is now becoming a pilgrimage of some sort for these corrupt elites to atone for their sins at a mere sighting of PMB, and until individuals with ugly past are jailed for whatever role contrary to the law of the land, the fight against corruption may be tagged the greatest jamboree of the century.

Must people justify illegality? If it is against you is not fair but very ok if it is against your neighbour, and this explains why this probe has to be prioritised, forgetting what people of opposing side may feel and if anyone is not happy with PMB’s modus operandi be it selective or witch-hunting, it is advise you wait till 2019 or probably 2023 for a change of government, as our President has made it clear that “if we do not kill corruption in this country corruption would kill us.”

Long live his Excellency PMB!
Long live Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum (NYIF)!!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

ABDUL YAHAYA ORUMA, President Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum (NYIF)
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ephraim Nwosu

    August 26, 2015 at 8:16 AM

    God bless you Mr.Aroma for standing on the side of truth.You will live long as long as you are impartial in your outbursts irrespective of your religion,tribe or party affiliation.Keep it up.

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