Playstation 4 Robbery: Nigerian Man Killed In San Francisco, California

nigerian killed in san francisco california

Dec 10, 2013 – Nigerian Man Killed In Daly City, San Francisco, California While Selling PlayStation 4 To Online Buyer

A 22-year-old Nigerian man has met his untimely death in the hand of a wicked man he sold his PlayStation 4 to online.

Ikenna Uwakah was shot dead by 21-year-old Ronnie Collins when he came to deliver the good to him.

According to police report, IK was killed around 3:30pm on Sunday at the delivery location he had agreed to meet the buyer in person.

He was shot multiple times before getting out of his car. He was immediately rushed to SA General hospital where he was pronounced dead minutes later.

Ikenna’s brother, Obinna said his death has devastated his family “A lot of shock, a lot of disbelief,” he said.

According to his brother, Late IK was a student at Santa Monica College.  He came home for Christmas before meeting his untimely death.

Ikenna Uwakah

Obinna Uwakah described his brother as “a kid that brightened up every room he arrived in”.

His suspected killer, Ronnie Collins has been arrested and will be charged with attempted robbery and murder.

Watch the video report below:


What a wicked world!

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

14 thoughts on “Playstation 4 Robbery: Nigerian Man Killed In San Francisco, California

    • Coming home does not and will not stop someone crime or death. Crime happens everywhere, let just pray for God’s protection. What happened to the young man could happen to anybody. May his soul RIP! May the good Lord console those he left behind

  1. Now tomorrow they will tell us Nigerians are the only fraudsters that exist
    The white guy that killed IK is a fraudster
    Do you know how many people he has killed.
    Scamming/fraud business started in America.

    • Crime/Fraud is a social phenomena, because it happens in America or anywhere else does not mean we should celebrate or uphold it in Nigeria or where ever we are.

  2. Habaaa bezo, eh? Is it a crime 2 hear 1 kind word 4rm u at all?
    Who do u tink dis youngster could hv killed, defrauded or even scam during his lyftym dat u cannot even sympathized wt his family ova his untymly death? Instead u‘r adding more insult 2 injury 4 dem.

    Obinna, it‘s a pity hw ur sun was forced 2 set in d broad day lite. As 4 ur killer, dnt worry coz since he has bin caught, he wld soon join u, unless Justice is denied. May his entire generation nt knw peace…
    G O O D B Y E B R O T H E R.
    Tears, more tears!

  3. this was a good kid in college and was also honored by the city mayor for participating in community service..crime know no bounds or race and the radical should get a life sentence for wasting a promising kid..

  4. @pastor mike they sell second stuffs even car are most bought used. It is just that the internet is the risky arena to transact business. U meet the seller at a busy restaurant where he hardly have any chance to pull a fast one. RIP IK

  5. I hope that US guys are the one who currupt nigerians look at what they did to a guy who has a brighter future like IK . MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE IK

  6. Doing business that we Ibos are known for has caused him his life, what a crazy world. i never like to live in America for any reason. is good here in Europe, no guns in the street.


  7. Heeee my God what a pity even america dat almost half of nigerians want to go to are now like this. Haba, may God bless me in dis country no running away for any reaso. Ik may ur soul rest in peace

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