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Please Don’t Lose Hope, You Are Stronger Than You Think

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By Felix Derrick

Please Don’t Lose Hope, In Him, You Are Stronger Than You Think

You feel alone; the world has turned its back on you.
It has shown you it’s ugliest side, but don’t be so hard on yourself.

You are beaten and tired, I know. Nothing says ‘I give up’ anymore than you are right now. All feels sour. Your heart, your body, everything.

But you are a seed, a special one; not an ordinary seed. God planted you next to a river. This is His word, which never runs dry. God put his breath in you, in your life.
Don’t you see how special you are? He guided you from where you came from, a long way back, and He still is. Why now do you doubt His love for you? His plans for you?

Please believe in Him once more. Let Him guide you once more. Take His word, He is asking you to. He will never be tired of talking to you, of telling you how much He loves you. How much He cares.

You doubt His existence, His love for you. Here is the thing, with every temptation, with every blow that life hits you with, you have a greater power to stand it and to overcome. There is only one thing to do, to believe.

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Find your power in the midst of the chaos rocking your life. Find yourself and you will overcome.

Compare yourself. Yes, compare yourself to no one but you. What are the things that you have achieved, and those that are not yet there? Find a different strategy, approach to get there. Let no one dictate your life or put standards for you. You are a walking wonder.

Look not into the past. Leave behind all the pain, the hurt and disappointments, the anger. Be reborn. Take a deep breath, release. Congratulate yourself for how far you have come. It’s not easy being you.
You walk, you talk, but you are dead inside. Don’t be anymore. Take control of your life. Stand up for you.

Walk the streets like you are the best thing that has ever been on this earth. Walk with your head held up high, for there is always one person watching over you; He always has your back even if you think otherwise. Talk to Him. Reach out to God whenever you feel beaten down by life or exhausted. He always has his ears and eyes out for you. He will never shut you out. With Him, you always have a way out.

Your heart is in pieces, it’s broken, it hurts like you never thought was humanly possible. But lean on God, His profound love, strength, and happiness. Let all of that fill you. He will comfort you through His word, through His creation, through the people He sends out to you.

In Him, you will never run out of love; you will never hurt. In Him, you are stronger than you think.

Don’t lose hope

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