Police Seizes 220 Cows From Fulani Herdsmen Over Farmland Destruction In Yola

220 cows seized from fulani herdsmen

Nov 1st, 2017 – Nigerian Policemen Arrest 200 Cows Over Farm Destruction In Yola As Herdsmen Were Ordered To Compensate Farmers

Adamawa State Police Command officials have arrested 220 cows for destroying a farmland at Yolde-Pate in Yola South LGA of the state

The State Police spokesman, Othman Abubakar, said this was following clash between herdsmen and farmers last Saturday over encroachment into farmlands.

The police applauded the affected farmers for exhibiting maturity by not taking the law into their own hands.

He also commended the herdsmen for accepting responsibility for the destruction by their cattle and their commitment to pay for the damages.

He said that all the aggrieved farmers were shortlisted for compensation, while the arrested cattle were handed over to the District Head of Yolde Pate for safekeeping.

He added that the cows will be released once the herdsmen compensate the farmers.

5 thoughts on “Police Seizes 220 Cows From Fulani Herdsmen Over Farmland Destruction In Yola

  1. Where will the Police keep the “arrested” cows? If the emaciated animals in the illustration are the cows under reference then the police should send their case files and other paperwork for safe-keeping elsewhere, otherwise even the police station will be eaten by the time the case is resolved for the parties.

    Glad to hear that for once herdsmen admit liability for some destruction though !!!

  2. the cow in the East are more healthy and well feeded than the cows in the night because Northern land are dry,theres always rain in the East,God of Biafra is a good God,Buhara should pass a law the will make his family to stop moving cows around,they are not human being please my Aboki President

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