Mercy Johnson Accused Of Using Juju To Control Husband And Overprotecting Him From Ladies


mercy johnson using juju husband

December 2nd, 2017 – Mercy Johnson Has Jazzed Her Husband – Says Concerned Family Friend

Mercy Johnson Accused Of Using Charm To Control Husband, Prince Odinosen Okojie And Overprotecting Him From Ladies, Potential Mistresses

It seems enemies from within are trying to break apart the seemingly happy marital union of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and her stay-at-home husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie.

The man the actress allegedly snatched from his Canadian wife few years ago is said to be under the influence of a strange force preventing him from acting on his own.

A confirmed Amebo who disclosed this at a function on Wednesday said since they got married, the actress has never allowed him to go out to any function without her.

“She is always by his side even ladies no sabi move near Odi. If you must reach Odi, you have to pass through Mercy or else you can’t talk to him.” – The source said.

The Nollywood source alleged that the mother of three has never allowed anyone to cook Odi’s meal not even her mother when she comes on occasional visit or their house helps.

“She is always around him, suspecting his every move and monitoring him as if Odi is planning to leave her. I have never seen a woman so insecure and overprotective of a man as if he is God. I don’t see reason why Aunt will never allow Odi to breathe. She has turned those advising her to take things easy into enemies planning to break her marriage that is why everybody kept quiet. The only time Odi rest is when he is sleeping, otherwise, Aunty will keep checking on him. I don’t know if something is wrong with her or she suspects some ladies are trying to take him from her. If this love is real, tell Aunty to allow Odi to go out alone without her. This man has been under constant monitoring since he married her. I hope he is in his right mind because no Esan man, I repeat no bonafide Esan man will allow a woman to control him this much. I feel for him.” – the source concluded.

At a point, an elderly woman who was at the event source attended had to caution the lady who seems more concerned about Odi than Mercy Johnson to stop discussing the sensitive family matter.

The elderly woman reportedly told the Nollywood insider to talk to people close to Odi to pray for him and if Odi is not complaining, everyone should just allow him be.

Prince Odianosen Okojie is a very shy and reserved man by nature while his actress wife, Mercy Johnson  is charming and outspoken, we hope people are not using their different characters to judge them.