Popular Nollywood Actress Working As Female Escort For Diplomats In Lagos Nigeria Exposed!!!

nollywood actress working female escort

A well known Nollywood actress has been exposed for living a double life.

The actress who many look up to as a role model is in a very happy marriage infact most people adore her and her husband.

Sadly, the icon who has become a mentor to most girls is living a very disappointing double life.

A Nollywood insider got to know about Mrs ???? double life over the weekend when their paths crossed in a popular hotel in Ikoyi at night.

Sadly, the actress was in the VIP section of the club designated for top diplomats.

Although she disguised with a mask to look different, the Nollywood source who also works as an escort said she was shocked to the bone when a diplomat called the actress by her nick name.

Here is what the source said:

“I am not married so I have to supplement my income. Since I hate doing cheap prostitution, I joined an escort agency that services diplomats. I was in the bar section of a popular hotel in Ikoyi Saturday night when I saw a figure that looks exactly like my mentor in Nollywood. I thought I was seeing double until one of the diplomats called her by her nick name, I lost my balance at first but I later realised she may be in it for money to maintain her expensive lifestyle just like myself.

Though her husband may or may not know, I still think she should not be doing such. She is too much for this kind of work. She has global recognition with several endorsement deals so what else is she looking for?. Please don’t tell her my name and don’t tell anyone her name also because if you do, she will know am the one that told you. This is my official email address, please protect my identity”.

11 thoughts on “Popular Nollywood Actress Working As Female Escort For Diplomats In Lagos Nigeria Exposed!!!

  1. I think it is Omotola. I noticed she is gaining so much weight now.
    Let her stop overworking her body

  2. To this whistle blower, you are not married and so you have to join the escort agency that services diplomats since you don’t want to do cheap prostitution. Can you listen to yourself? So because you are not married that affords you the leisure to do high class prostitution to service diplomats and after you will deceive one innocent man into marrying you. All these Nollywood actors and actresses.

  3. I believe it is Omotola too @ Ibafo. Remember about a year or two ago when she was escorting the British ambassador to functions? She has won several awards, is globally known, is well respected and a lot of girls look up to her and the husband is known too. I don’t want to believe it is her but the arrow points to her direction.
    @Halimat, it can not be Cossy Orjiako. She has never won any award, is not globally known except in the porn industry, is not respected and no young girl looks up to her except those who are interested in porn industry.

  4. If you cannot tell who you are and you know she noticed you while in jungle or hustling area,then you are saying rubbish.

    Are you not a role model to others also ? All of you are the same.

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