Poverty Overtakes Nigeria As President Buhari Travels Around The World – Emmanuel Precious

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March 13, 2016 – Poverty Overtakes Nigeria As President Buhari Wanders From Pillar To Post

An article by Emmanuel Precious

The ****** president of the *** Nigeria, in the person of Muhammadu Buhari, has been busy traveling from one country to the other while the citizens of Nigeria are soaked in abject poverty.

The president has shown his impotence to deliver the change as he promised, but people seems to be blind. Without being told, one must say that the state at which Nigeria is now, is difficult as never imagined. The economic is getting worse daily, the boko haram terrorists are on the other hand, manipulating their deadly agenda on innocent citizens, while the incumbent president is wasting his time outside the country.

A place he thinks is conducive for him, a place where electricity is steady, a place where good roads are built. A place he believed is a paradise to him while the people that voted him into power are languishing in pains and poverty.

The rate of unemployed youths are numerous and uncountable, but this illiterate has the mind to import ordinary grass worth 13 billion naira all the way from Brazil. This president released 600 million naira for procurement of police dog.

Is grass meant for humans? Or dog for consumption? This d**** of daura really needs screening to know if he’s okay in the **** He has forgotten that unemployment is dangerous in the society because no one will watch himself/herself die of hunger.

Electricity is not even in the agenda, because right from time, electricity has not been improved. Petroleum has become scarce and can not be affordable by poor masses leaving 50% of the citizens beggars.

Foodstuffs is not affordable in the market, hunger has become the talk of the day, and the question is, is the government giving a damn?

What have they done to stop the hardship? This is a big lesson to those that pushed him into power.
The president, don’t even know about all the hardship because he is not around to address the issue facing them.

This is the reason we want to take care of ourselves because Buhari prefer his cattle more than humans.


[Article Written by Emmanuel Precious, Edited by Udeagha Obasi in Umuchukwu Anambra State]

19 thoughts on “Poverty Overtakes Nigeria As President Buhari Travels Around The World – Emmanuel Precious

  1. See this mumu called Emmanuel P, na today all this thing we u dey mention start? Wey up article during when gej dey lavish the money? 6years of Gej na tokunbo train he import enter country, the train even reach Ya side? U are calling for what u might not even witness it’s end as solution, ask your elders where it’s land them when they tried it. Greedy tribes calling for revolution will later render themselves irrelevant. Even u as u dey so, u can not settle the issues in your family of 5 in 6 years you are here writing useless article about someone who want to clear what your useless brother messed up for 6yrs.
    My country men are fun of lavishing wealth rather than using it to change the system of the nation, if he PMB can change the system you and I has damage by travelling out, let it be. For me there’s sense in all what he’s doing, face the house not PMB.

    • let the f****ish writer know, if walking around the world will revive our all ready damaged economy let him go ahead, we Nigerians lack patience.

  2. Nice write up,but biafra isn’t the solution,rather it will worsen it. Let’s just make the president aware of the hardship going on in the country and also give him more time

  3. One thing I certainly know is that Buhari is giving his critics where to hold their hands. Travelling all over the world solves no problem for us. The money that is complained to be deficit is what is still wasted in each of these frequent trips. That is very unwise of him.

    Come back home and play your fatherly role if at all you are a father! You don’t stay in your neughbour’s house and solve the problem in your own house. China was once faced with economic problems that forced their govt to close down their borders and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It was not that easy for them, but look where they are today.

    Nigeria may not go that far as isolating herself completely. But a degree of isolation is needed to lift this nation from this infernal quagmire. Focus inside, not outside. Travelling up and down solves nothing.

  4. When President GEJ was traveling round the world people were complaining, now PMB has begun his own waka waka. The man has made things so difficult in this country & he doesn’t even care

  5. Olanrewaju,ur write up dey make sense abeg,
    Keep it up
    I’m not n APC or PDP but let’s keep praying with PMB.

  6. @Edu1… thank u OK? By their speech we shall know them, but let me just remind u u that every loot that PMB is fishing out now, was loot during your GEJ who is not capable of running d country but looting d country through is dumb and mumu look. So u expect the next president to continue d way d past or x president ruled??
    People like u should be send back 2 secndary school to study that particular subject called food and nutrition rather than running your mouth here..useless low life like u..rochies.

  7. Just look as he’s squandering our money. I don’t just like this man because he has failed to deliver what he promised.

  8. Emmanuel precious thumbs up, nice write up. Just hope the poor are nt in chains instead if change he promised.

  9. Please we have to be patient with our President because you can not build a house in a day but you demolish it within hours that is the situation of our Country today.

  10. If I didn’t know some Igbo friends personally, **** people like Emmanuel Precious will make you think that all Ndigbo people reason like him, and are all crafting for Biafra. I wish this dumb, uninlligent and uninformed Emmanuel can direct the same anger to former President Jonathan who was in office for 6 years, made over $900 billions in oil surplus at average price of $150/barrel, embezzled defense budget, and appointed many Igbos to strategic positions but had nothing to show for six wasted years. Honestly, Emmanuel is a pure tribalistic individual that have allowed hatred, division, and senseless sentiments to override his sense of reasoning. May 28, 2016 will mark 10 months of President Buhari in power after over 35 years of vagabonds, looters, and criminals in power. People like Emmanuel should cover their faces in shame because for 6 years on Jonathan’s watch, the minister of Petroleum-Alison Madukwe was Igbo, minister of Finance-Ngozi was Igbo, Defense chief was Igbo, and many more while Jonathan himself was Ijaw man, for that 6 years, what did they do with billions of dollars in oil surplus to better the lives of the Igbos? Nothing. The Southeast and Southsouth roads still remain the worst in the nation, there are many abandoned projects today in Bayelsa that the money was allocated for but the works were not completed. Over 70% of Igbos still live in Southwest and Northern region. So what are you guys going to do differently if you move back to Southeast to form your so called Biafra state? I guess nothing.

    The fact is that, Jonathan left a nation on life support to PMB on May 28, 2015. Today, the wicked people are now expecting miracle from PMB after 9 months in office, but still voted for a faluire of six years overwelmingly because of tribalism and pure hatred for candidate Buhari. They are now crying for a change in 9 months while Jonathan had six years of gross faluire. He will take more than 12 years for a great president like PMB to undo the damages done to our beloved nation after more than 35 years of IBB, Obasanjo, Abudulsalam Abubakar, Sanni Abacha, and the dumbest of all-president Jonathan. Give PMB at least four years to work things out even as oil price has fallen to $22/barrel before your criticism. What a dumb argument!

  11. you guys are there wagging your mouth PMB is there enjoying his old age by traveling, youths have to wake up to the realities of life. lai is there telling you that economy is beyond the powers of PMB.

  12. @ Mr. Alahusa,you high?.. you no get anything for head at all. in this 21century, you are still talking like a fool.. haven’t Nigerian Citizen patient enough. in History, i haven’t hear or heard that Nigerians use to commit suicide. but look at it now. Naira situation is the worst now. we pay NEPA bills but no electricity. take a good look at Sudan,somalia,libya,Afganistan,Syria,Nepal,India,Pakistan,Dubai,Singapore,Malaysia. this country ain’t up to our standards. but take a good look at it today, they are better than Nigeria. and you are here saying rubbish from your mouth.

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