President Jonathan Mocked By Kenyans Over 7 Private Jets


president jonathan mocked kenyans

January 2nd, 2014 – “Kenyans Mock Jonathan “Nigerian President Visited Kenya In 7 Private Jets”

Kenyans Mock President Jonathan For Bringing 7 Private Jets To Kenya

In a bid to talk down on Nigeria, the woman pictured above ridiculed the President Jonathan while addressing the media in the recently concluded Kenyan Independence Day Celebration.

The woman said President Jonathan came to Kenya in 7 private jets for the first time in history.

“Your president visited our country with seven private jets and that’s never happened before. We were all excited. This is Nigeria. It’s the country with the largest private jets. Seven private jets only. I know there must be more but for us still that was wow. Everybody came in their own jets”

I don’t get the point she is trying to make. Is she saying Jonathan supposed to have more than 7 private jets or what? Abi she dey jealous?

Watch the  short video below: