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President Jonathan Must Resign If Power Remains Unstable


President Jonathan Must Resign If Power Remains Unstable

president goodluck jonathanPresident Goodluck Jonathan

April 23, 2012 – President Jonathan Must Resign If Electricity Remains Unstable

If you think Rev Chris Okotie is the only one soliciting for the immediate resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan, you’re probably wrong.

Another notable figure, the manager director of SURU Group of Companies, Mr Edward Akinlade has called for the resignation of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan if nothing is done to the unstable power supply Nigeria is currently facing.

Read below for more of his remarks

In a recent meeting with stakeholders, Mr. Akinlade, explained that the situation of unstable power supply had become very frustrating to many business owners in the Nigeria

“I have said it on my Facebook page and even in a letter to Jonathan that if after two years, our President cannot deliver electricity to us in Nigeria, he should just resign and go away, because we burn diesel in our companies and in my house.

“Every person who lives in Nigeria, one way or the other, uses the generator and this cannot continue.

“For me, Nigeria does not have electricity problem but leadership problem in electricity supply in Nigeria and we just need to deal with those frustrating that effort,”



  1. Rosemary

    May 2, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    Of course he shld resign in our area there is no light his govt is too painful, i think he shld quietly come down, or divide the country , we will remain as nigeria while northern area remain as bokoharam let us see how is going to be , of course atiku will be there president, we dey

  2. Joe

    October 6, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Calling for GEJ resignation is apauling. Nigeria problems is cause by Nigerians no one else include the president. Generators importers always bribe phcn top officials to make sure epilepsy electricity continued. Most parts in the power station spare parts and grid continually removed and resell to phcn company thereby makes it difficult to have stable power across the country. The phcn staff at various station shedd loads across the country to sabotage many manufacture companies in bid to pay them bribe before supply electricity to their plants. Lastly nigeria may not record much economic growth and development until federal government privatise all the essential sectors. Last week was the begining of economic advancement to the country when the president officially handed over to some private company to run the affairs of electricity supply in nigeria it was a monumwntal achievement for GEJ led administration.In the next few year nigeria gdp growth would hit double digit with millions jobs being created. Any nation where government controlling 60% economic growth is doom. Private Company be small medium or big company be in charge of the economic and nigeria should not be exception.For the first time in the history of nigeria we see some positive economic development across the country and GEJ led administration need to do more especially in the areas of corruption and security.The dividend of democracy gradually surfice in the country.Lastly it is a welcome development calling for SNC so that each region may come together and discuss problems facing the country and possible solutions.

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