Procrastination: Pro Crash The Nation By Samuel Ufot Ekekere

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August 24, 2014 – Procrastination: Pro Crash The Nation By Samuel Ufot Ekekere

Don’t wait till 12.00am, a leaflet carrying a picture of a clock read before my eyes. I was so engrossed with interpreting its meaning that the picture became clear. Time is a precious commodity. One can never have enough of it, yet in the face of this startling reality, much of it is wasted. The irony that characterizes time is the thought that there is so much of it. We count many years ahead looking into the future only to be shock at how much has gone before our eyes.
It seems a normal phenomenon pushing today’s actions for tomorrow. We assume that all the time is available to get a task done but we forget that each day comes with its own set of tasks.

Every day produces enough for each day. Each day’s achievement is measured by how much we are able to get done within the time frame of the day.
Through history, great achievements have being rubbished by the failure of would-be achievers to act when they should. Christopher Columbus deferment of his desire to cross over from the West Indies to the mainland of America cost him the opportunity to have the continent bear his name. Maybe today the American continent would have borne the name Colombia. Michael Ford’s delay at releasing his automobile patent cost him the title “the inventor of automobile” to Karl Benz.

The putting-off of a now event for later has posed disastrous to many military campaigns. Hitler’s Nazi Germans delay at crushing the English brought about the greatest comeback in history and the decline of Hitler and the Germans. The increasing spate of terrorist attacks across the world is a result of the failure of governments across the world to act when they should have acted.

The power in an idea is when it is carried out now. The only time you have to own your idea is now. We may assume that our idea is ours to keep however, there are many other persons who are also working towards the same idea. The first to get the idea working owns the idea. Researches are ongoing to develop the cure for ailment such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola etc. It would be great if every one of the research centers develop each, their independent cure. However, the first to develop the cure will claim to be the discoverer of the cure to this ailments however much the number of research centres working to find the cure.

The nation needs actors who know what to do, how to do it and are choosing to get it done now. The change anticipated is a change for now. Change isn’t for the future. The future change has to begin from each now step. Our anticipation of future change when present actions are not taken is a blind step that is bound to cause some swaying.
Man’s tendency towards procrastination is hugely because of his vague understanding of the value of now. Economists know the impending danger of inflation to any project or commodity if it fails to be carried out at the time it was intended for. Often, developers cost building projects based on present cost and time -frame allowing for allowances in case of inflated price during the period of the project. They are aware that the cost of carrying out a project meant for now will cost less than the same project planned for the future.

The culture of procrastination is fast eating deep into upcoming generations. You’d hear a mother ask her son to carry out a task and the son replying that he would carry it out later. Why not now?
Our nation struggles to find her feet because what should have been done decades back was left undone transferring years of failed task to this present time. If leaders act immediately they discover a little dwindling of service in an area of the economy or society, running the government and the country in general would cost less.

When duties that would be of help to the nation isn’t carried out when its most needed and less costly, it lives a costly gap that must be filled in the future. Roads won’t fail if the man in charge of maintenance checks on the roads as often as expected and covers portholes before they become gullies. House wont fail if cracks aren’t considered too little to be checked.

We must recognize that little actions jettisoned today could lead to catastrophes tomorrow. The time to act is now. Act now, don’t delay.

About the author: Samuel Ufot Ekekere is a writer from Uyo, Nigeria. As a teacher, motivator, and writer, he writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation. Connect on twitter @inyang21 and, +2347062809301

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