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The Progressive Solidarity For Asiwaju & A Quest To Get Nigeria Working Again

progressive solidarity for asiwaju

The Progressive Solidary For Asiwaju And A Quest To Get Nigeria Working Again

Analysts say the quest to get Nigeria working again reached its peak around 1993 when late political sage, MKO Abiola of blessed memory, contested and won the ill-fated election of that year and all the other issues that followed the annulment.

Others say the quest goes back even further…and that with this quest goes the search for that one man who all Nigerians, irrespective of faith, tribe and status can rally behind, a man acceptable to all, who will lead Nigeria to the promised land where it will take her pride of place in the comity of great nations…

And so on the 15th day of December, 2021, in furtherance of that quest, a group of progressives Nigerians with strong diasporan influence and support, gathered for a virtual meeting that held online at the Microsoft teams platform. On that day, they reached some formal decisions, a result of hours of hardwork and the announcement they had made weeks before…

The meeting, which had in participation some of the brightest minds in Edo politics in particular, and Nigeria in general, was at the instance of the Chairman/Convener of the Progressives Association for Asiwaju, PSA, Chief Dr. Ibrahim Emokpaire, a former APC National Chairmanship aspirant in 2018 and a political maestro in Edo State. Also in attendance were Hon. Maureen Ekhoragbon who is the PSA Coordinator for Edo State, and other heavy weights like Chief Taiwo Akerele, former Chief of Staff to the Edo State governor Godwin Obaseki, Hon Dr. Larry Aghedo, Hon Cornelius Amhiegbereta, Rt. Hon. Dr. Washington Osa Osifo and Hon Robert Akande, Dr Tony Aiyejina, Hon Hajia Maryam Abubakar, Hon Cordelia Iyogun just to mention a few…

The PSA is a political support group formed to push one single agenda; the emergence of His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, BAT, as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023, and it has chapters across the entire 36 States of the federation, with strong bases in the diaspora as well.

Among other things, the PSA insist Bola Tinubu is that one man Nigeria needs at this time, to set the nation on the path to true progress and greatness…

For a group comprising men like those mentioned above and many more, all of whom are political heavy weights in thier own right and have accomplished a lot, politically and otherwise, in their respective constituencies, analysts say perhaps Nigerians of all walks of life should pause and a take a listen to what the PSA has to say about BAT…

The PSA is a well organized association with, among other structures, state directors who would work closely with local governments representatives in the various states of Nigeria with a veiw to penetrating all areas for BAT…

The structured organogram of the PSA also includes youths and women leaders, Board of Trustees, national leadership, just name it.

Also, among other things, the PSA is set to implement the All Progressive Congress, APC party structures at the state and local government level.

Now, a few questions that readily comes to mind now are; who is BAT? Who really is afraid of a BAT Presidency? Why are some interest groups so afraid of, and have vowed that under no circumstances would they allow BAT duplicate his stranglehold on South-West politics and his achievements in Lagos State, outside the South-West?

The point the PSA is making is that, these interest groups and individuals who are opposed to a BAT Presidency are not opposed because the man is incompetent, no! They say BAT’s opponents are so moved because of the larger than life achievements of the man, and it is Nigeria and Nigerians that will loose out should they succeed in thier plans to prevent BAT from emerging as Nigeria’s president come 2023…And so, the PSA is saying, as a patriotic act, this is the time for all true progressives across Nigeria, to rally round Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for reasons that are as clear as a crystal ball…

In the coming months, we shall be using this space to show Nigerians why BAT should be given a chance, but before then, suffice it to say BAT is untribalistic, as we have seen from the way he ran Lagos State as governor, and many of the appointments he made, some of which are still standing till date as testament to this fact.

He is a youths builder, a Nation builder, and according to many experts, whoever builds the youths builds the Nation.

BAT is a visionary leader, and this is obvious from the plethora of leaders, governors, ministers, etc, he identified, groomed and installed, in the south west in particular and across the country in general…

He supported President Jonathan in 2011 and the man won, he supported General Buhari in 2015 for President and the man also won after three tries, there is hardly anything BAT touches that doesn’t succeed…

Tinubu is a product of Competence, he will not kill the dreams of those who are gifted, on the altar of tribalism and sentiments, reason why he made Lagos into a cosmopolitan place where everyone tribe live and thrive, with many of them even serving in his government!!!

Fellow Nigerians, the time to say YES to greatness is now, support the PSA, this is a patriotic call to get Nigeria working again!

God bless Nigeria.

Albert Afeso Akanbi is a writer, humanitarian and filmmaker…

(Writer&Documentary Filmmaker)
Doppler Effect Films

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