Man Who Played Dead In Prophet Alph Lukau Fake Resurrection Miracle Arrested For Lying

Prophet Alph Lukau fake resurrection miracle

South African Man Who Played Dead Man In Prophet Alph Lukau Fake Resurrection Miracle Arrested For Lying

Man Who Woke Up From The Dead Arrested By Police For Lying

The SA man that was brought back to life by Prophet Alph N Lukau, has allegedly been arrested according to his former employer. The man has since been identified as Elliot/Brighton, following the viral “miracle” in Johannesburg, South Africa, which many believe was staged.

Now, one of Brighton’s former employers has revealed the extent of his deception and that he has been arrested.

The Citizen reported that Azania Mosaka interviewed Vincent, who Brighton had worked for at a wood-working factory in Pretoria. According to Vincent, Brighton was arrested on the morning of Tuesday, February 26.

Prophet Alph Lukau resurrection miracle fake

Speaking to Azania Mosaka during the Tuesday edition of her show on 702, the man named Vincent confirmed that he had been told by his other employees that Brighton had been arrested and that they had no further details at this stage.

“I got word from one of the guys that works for me that knows Brighton, I believe they arrested him today,” said Vincent.

“Can you imagine what a life he’s had? He’s worked for me, he died, he was resurrected and now he’s been arrested,” joked Vincent.

He went on to confirm that Brighton was indeed an employee at his wood-working factory in Pretoria where he had worked until recently and looked completely healthy the last time he’d reported for duty.

According to Vincent, this was not the first stunt Brighton had been a part of as he’d previously allegedly pretended to be wheelchair-bound so that the pastor could “heal” him in front of the masses.

His employer went on to describe him as a very smart man who was unfortunately fond of lying.

Various social media users have also shared old photos featuring Brighton, and it seems he has previously worked with the pastor as his cameraman, among other things.

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  1. People are trying to do bible practical with their own power and that’s not going to happen. It would be better if He just went to the studio and record a film at least we not movies are not real, its a story being told. The only thing I don’t understand why so many people are doomed,maybe something is used to shift their minds. Either way people can say whatever but we know there is real Jesus who was crucified and rose again, and the time of false prophets was mentioned in the book of life and such prophets we see them alive I won’t mention their names……….

  2. Na by force to do miracle? Even Jesus has concluded your matter already by saying, “many will say in your name we cast out demons, did miracles, but he shall say depart from me ye workers of iniquity, for I know you not”.

  3. It comes as a dissappointment to my fellow Zambian music gospel actors that non of them were considered they were for the role acted by that useless boy you are calling lazaruss. You mean we don’t have enough actors this side. Better you give us a better reason; like selfishness. Otherwise we will be taking that as an insult which is going to be punishable by law.

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