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why you should date nigerian woman Latest News Updates

Pros & Cons Of Dating A Nigerian Woman: Things To Know If You’re Planning To Start A Relationship With Her

why you should date nigerian woman

Pros & Cons Of Dating A Nigerian Woman: Things To Know If You’re Planning To Start A Relationship With Her

Having seen some of the pros and cons of dating a Nigerian man in our first article, let us take a look at the Nigerian woman, her strengths and weaknesses plus all you need to know when you are or if you are planning on going into a relationship with her.

Why You Should Date A Nigerian Woman

Nigerian Women Are Beautiful

Most definitely. Have you seen them? With a very striking physique and supple glowing skin, you can never be lost with a Nigerian woman. It seems they keep getting even more beautiful with all the advancement in the world of beauty and fashion.

beautiful nigerian women
nigerian women are beautiful

Nigerian Women Are Smart 

Let me explain what I mean. Sure there are several beautiful Nigerian women. But we also have those that are not so beautiful. Here is the thing, when they are not too beautiful, they more than make up for it with so many other qualities. Some of them are exceptional cooks that can make you grow fat with their culinary skills. Some are smart and have a good sense of judgement.

nigerian women are smart

So you see, either ways, you are never really lost with a Nigerian lady.

Nigerian Women Are Resourceful

A Nigerian woman can support you full time in your chosen line of work and can even contribute both financially and strategically to help the business grow.

She would also want something going for herself. They usually have a high business acumen. They are good with generating ideas that can grow a business from the scratch (literally).

Is it any surprise then that the richest black woman in Africa is from Nigeria? Enough said.

Nigerian Women are Educated

They are very educated and even place high premium on education and work hard towards getting it. Most of them do not just stop at a degree. They to further to acquire Masters and even a doctorate in addition to it.

You can also be sure that this is the same zeal she will use when raising the children. They will get quality education but not just formal, they will also get adequate informal education as well in order to make for balanced learning.

Despite all  these laudable qualities, the Nigerian woman is not without her own fair share of woes:

Nigerian Women Can Be Materialistic

Yes just take their male counterpart as an example. Nigerian ladies can be very materialistic which is why most of them only date rich men or even married and old men as long as they have money.

Some Nigerian Women Can Be Greedy

That same ambitious spirit is in all of them. They are forever looking outside doe anyone who has something more than them. Once that see that their neighbour has more shoes, clothes, drives a better car etc, they mount pressure on their man to meet up with the trend they want.

Some Nigerian Women Do Cheat Just Like Other Women Around The World

Cheating do happen in relationships and Nigerian women are no exception.

Pros Cons Of Dating A Nigerian Woman

All in all, dating a Nigerian is blissful and a worthwhile experience. You just have to decide to deal with the bad sides while enjoying the good sides.

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  1. From Nigerian woman

    January 31, 2019 at 9:17 AM

    Nigerian woman are smart and witty. some of them are cruel and rude.

  2. Omoh Israel

    January 31, 2019 at 9:21 AM

    Nigerian women like their African sisters are jealous and they like to poke nose into other family

  3. iron bar

    January 31, 2019 at 12:12 PM

    Every tribe is just like that..we have the good,the bad and the ugly..

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