PSG Unveils Neymar With Jersey #10 As Footballer Laments Criticism From Barca Fans

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August 4, 2017 – PSG Unveils Neymar With Jersey #10 As Footballer Laments Criticism From Barca Fans

The highest paid footballer in the world, Neymar has been unveiled by his new club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) following his world-record £198million move.

The Brazil striker has swapped Barcelona for Paris in a record-smashing deal – he cost over £100m more than the previous most expensive transfer – and has signed a £500,000-a-week, five-year contract.

Neymar said he had not been sure over his future for a long time but had been convinced to move by the other Brazilian players at PSG. He also said he had not moved in order to be the biggest star at the club, although he did not give an exact reason for wanting to leave Barcelona.

At a press conference held on Friday, Neymar said:

‘The club has a very similar ambition to mine, I want a bigger challenge. My heart made this decision, that is why I am in front of you today to help this team.

‘Being a star did not impact my decision, it is down to me wanting to find a new challenge. I am looking for something new. This is what PSG want, and they deserve it.

‘I leave a lot of very good friends behind, but that’s football. You make friends wherever you go, and that’s the main thing. It was the right time to leave and look for something different. Being the most expensive player is not a burden, I am happy.

‘I spoke with Brazilian players here at PSG, and they were happy for me to be here. I feel like I am at home already.’

Neymar said he was saddened by criticism from some Barca fans after deciding to leave and that while he respected the Catalan giants he had the right to seek a new challenge.

4 thoughts on “PSG Unveils Neymar With Jersey #10 As Footballer Laments Criticism From Barca Fans

  1. i’m with you bro, you can’t win the world best if you are not even the best player of your team. And You when in messi’s shadow at barca. Best decision man, and all the best

  2. OF COURSE BACA FANS WOULD not be happy losing a star like you. But don’t let any criticism from them bother you a bit. Everybody is not Lionel Messi who has sworn eternal loyalty to Baca. If Messi were a woman, he would have remained a virgin until marriage, and remain faithful to her husband till death.

    PLAYING WITH SEVERAL TEAMS EXPOSES one to diverse challenges and experiences. In the light of this, I could say that Messi is inexperienced and I wouldn’t care who that stings in the ear.????


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