PSquare Accused Of Stealing Timaya’s Song

psquare copied timaya song

August 17, 2012 – PSquare Accused Of Stealing Timaya’s Song Tune

After the release of Psquare’s latest album titled Alingo, the news that Psquare copied Timaya‘s song “Shake Your Bum Bum” tune has gone viral.

After a careful examination of the two songs, it’s obvious Alingo is a cool remix of bum bum tune.

Listen to the two songs below.

Timaya Shake Your Bum Bum


PSquare Alingo

As at the time of this report, Egberi baba hasn’t said anything about it yet.

Below are some tweets from concerned fans re-tweeted by Timaya

psquare copy timaya bum bum

psquare copied timaya tune

What is your take on this guys?