PSquare Fight Staged To Promote Upcoming Album – Kenny Ogungbe

psquare fight staged promote upcoming album

September 30, 2017 – PSquare Fight Is A Publicity Stunt For Their New Album – Kenny Ogungbe

Peter and Paul Okoye are desperate for publicity because people are now more interested in listening to younger artistes.

These are the words of veteran broadcaster Kenny Ogungbe during his radio show on Kennis FM two days ago.

According to him, the twin brother staged their new fight to promote their upcoming album.

His words:

Here lies wisdom.

7 thoughts on “PSquare Fight Staged To Promote Upcoming Album – Kenny Ogungbe

  1. If what Kenny Ogungbe ,has said is true, then this 2 OLD men(Peter and Paul)should go and bury their heads in shame.

    The should know that they cannot be singing forever or remain sex symbols forever as they get older girls will want to watch younger artist and not them with their grey hairs.

    My advice to(Peter and Paul)two of you better start looking for a career in Import and Export business and STOP disturbing the public peace with your everyday break-up stories!

  2. In our mind’s eye/imagination, we are not seeing them together anymore. If this has been a game, then it has gone too far and no one enjoyed it.

  3. angels are watching !!!!…its a matter of time….just watch out for the two brothers that love washing their dirty linen in public !!!….Nigerians are looking for spectaculars and not tit-tat cat fighting games.

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