PSquare Fighting: Peter & Paul Okoye Exchange Blows During Rehearsal Over Lola Omotayo

psquare fighting

April 18, 2014 – P-Square Fighting: Peter & Paul Okoye Exchange Blows During Rehearsal Over Lola Omotayo

When first broke the news of the ongoing brawl between Jude Okoye and his brother (Peter Okoye) few weeks ago, critics said I’m poke-nosing into their family affair.

I can authoritatively confirm that Jude Okoye’s issue with Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo has led to a major fight between the musical twins.

A source who wrote late last night said the twins are at loggerheads.

The source further said that the duo exchanged blows during a recent rehearsal and were separated by their dancers.

While planning to get married in Dubai, they have hit a major stumbling block which involves forcing their elder brother, Jude Okoye to attend their white wedding in Dubai.

Entertainment insiders said Jude Okoye can’t sit in the same room with Lola Omotayo, the wife of his brother, Peter Okoye talk less of attending her wedding.

Recall that Jude Okoye was absent at Peter Okoye & Lola Omotayo’s traditional wedding in Lagos last year but he came to Paul Okoye and Anita Isama’s wedding in Port Harcourt last month…..So can you guys see where the fight is coming from?

As we speak, Jude Okoye, the number one cause of the ongoing fight between Psquare said he has quit as their manager after 10 years.

Mark my words, this may not be as serious as we take it to be but it is a big wakeup call for Jude Okoye to make amend between the two brothers.

Hope to see him at their upcoming white wedding in Dubai.

43 thoughts on “PSquare Fighting: Peter & Paul Okoye Exchange Blows During Rehearsal Over Lola Omotayo

    • you are a fool……fame over family…….think before u talk….do u think jude is senseless dere is a reason for smoke……….

  1. Whatelse do u expect they used their mother for fame ritual and now she is fighting back. They haven’t seen anything yet

    • Omosewa what ever u call ur self if u dnt av any reasonable tin 2 say u beta keep dat mouth shut!!!! Nigerian Fool pple lyk U dnt move forward all u knw u by-bite Idiot

    • Omosewa,neva knw senseless peep like u still exist.ds guyz av bn famous b4 d death of deir mother.instead of u to pity dm dt ds is happenin bcuz deir moda is dead,am sure if she waz alive she wld knw aw to manage her boiz

    • They never use their mother for ritual it was Lola Omotayo who used voodoo against their mother so that peter can marry her

  2. So, the trouble between them is caused by their elder brother Jude, jsut because he(Jude) doesn’t want Peter to marry a yoruba girl.
    What a tribalist!!

  3. Am so surprised at jude..if peter loves her and she feels dsame 4 him, y ar u beefing dere shine…now u are causing a fight btw d twins..guess u are happy now..

  4. fr crying out loud no 1 nose d problem except den alone do y R ppl passing judgments . fr every agreement Dere must b a disagreement aii.

  5. is a big fool, in 2014 ,hate human being because of tribe,thta 1 reason we should breakup from eastern part of nigeria, that reason i will never allowed my blood to marry from them, cos they will never take you as their sister in-law or brother in law.only if you have money,name and and top position in nigeria or in the world,then you will be their own, they will forget about tribe.since peter is the one that have name in nigeria and in the world than Lola,they hate him, refused to come to his marriage, but come to the 2 twins bother marriage cos he marry ibo woman. to hell withh him and sick of is big useless brain,he didnt marry cos he is a gay, is younger twins brother happy marry with kids,is after who marry yoruba woman or not. Lola stand by your man,in good time and bad time,forget about is brothers and family afterall you are not marry and live with them, and your husband sing better than is twins brother, he is more star than him, but is good to be together since they are twins you can brake them,if jude happen to do that belive you me, he wont last long, this is belive in my people yoruba twins are for ever together, that reason if 1 die the other part wont last longb4 he or she go.

    • Mulikat, you are an illiterate! Your rambling does not make much sense. You are there criticizing Jude but in the same beath you are saying you will never allow any of your family to marry an Ibo. Please then tell me what moral right you have to criticize any tribalist if you are one yourself?. Yorubas should seperate from the eastern part of the country you say.What nonsense are you talking about. Let me educate you. My mother is from Ekiti state and my dad from Imo state. They have been happily married for over 30 years. My dad’s family adore my mum and my mum loves them in return.I also have friends and other family members who married Yoruba people with no resentments from either side whatsoever.You just can not paint every Ibo person with the same brush just because Jude Okoye has decided to be uncivilised but rather still remains in the dark ages.Looking at Lola Omotayo, she looks calm and is very beautiful.I also think her husband is a lucky man. I believe she will make him happy. However, i do believe that you Mulikat is no better that the person you cricized. Who told you that if a twin dies , the other twin follows immediately. This just shows how ignorant you are. Please, go educate yourself a bit more.

    • ************************, what has tribe come to do here, That woman is just sent to destroy de destiny of those boys , Brothers dat were bond ryt frm birth till now and as soon as this lady came in confusion also came in to de extent that twin brothers from birth are now fighting and threatening to seperate and u are here talking abt tribe, Dont be a ******use ur *****, DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A WOMAN

      • Ikysly Seem U Are An Igbo Guy No Wonder U Are In Suport Of Jude Okoye, We Are Talking Of Family Issue For God Sake Genttlemen. In My Own Tribe We Dont Do Such A Think No Matter Wat Going Wrong In The Family We Don’t Dislike Someone Celebrite Not To Talk Of Ur Own Blood Brother Geting Married And U Insist To Attend The Wed. Wat Has She Done Wrong To U That U Can Not Forgive Her And Pay Honor To Her Family Or U Were Expecting Her To Get Marry To U? Maybe U Have Toasted B4 Wat A Shamless Younger Brother Like U. That Mean If She Give Birth For Okoye Family U Will Dislike Ur Own Blood. It Is Very Common If Twin Brother And Got Their Deal Seperated But Their Blood Would Never Let Them Tear Apart. Teeth And Tongue Fight For Every Food Entering The Mouth Mouth Never Complain At Times Teeth Do Bite Inner Lip But They Still Be As One Bcus They Cant Do Without Each Other, Jude Paul And Peter Are Ur Eye U Cant Do Witout Them. Lola Didnt Come And Distroy Ur Home O.

  6. God go judge u 4sayin what u no nofin about, Psquare had already made fame and wealth before dia mum died so dnt talk like an uneducated bieng.

  7. This is an issue ΰ can settle in ur house-hold. Jude as dr elder, ΰ are 2 be dr for them and not to separate them. @P-square ɪ̣̝̇ see no reason why ΰ guys cant value ϑ tyms ΰ hv spend 2geda 2 work as a team, pls dont let a female mata comes btw ΰ. Or maybe dr is sumtyn Jude is not telling us cos ds is beyond igbo stuff. Jude have ΰ caress her b4? If notthen wat else

  8. Dont say what u know not! There must be a reason why everyone including their late mum is against Lola Omotayo. Jude shud try let go cos they married….e don happen b say e don happen:)

  9. I began observing this Jude guy since MayD saga. He was trying to make mock of MayD in a radio station outside the country (Youtube). Make the guy go to HELL joor!. He is so stupid to known you don’t interfere into issues like relationship thing.

  10. Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! U guys shuld calm down.. Dnt tell me u all belive dis nonsense of d both twin seprating.. Go nd watch d video of peter nd lola omotayo’s wedding.. Jst watch d interviwe part of paul.. He said! @paul( ntin has ever come between me nd ma bro.. Nt 2 talk of women..) Pls pals let’s dnt judge any body nw.. Pls nd pls.. D both twin need eachoda nw.. Kus 1 do d singing nd 1 do d dancing.. Soo u c y de cnt nd dnt need 2 seprate.. Soo pals jst calm down

  11. The media feeds u some infos,whether true of false u accept it without discernment!!! in every family there’s always an issue so their’s whether true or false won’t be an exception!!! As for the one talking about yorubas breaking away from eastern parts(igbos) Mko Abiola will not forgive u if he hears that!!!


  13. i will not marry a lady my family will not like cos if i try it dere will be serious problem in my family….

  14. U guys should leave d twins alone if u like ur self dont interfer in this mater, Psquar late mum is a woman of God and also good if she is against d oda twins not to marry a yoruba lady she have her reasons they should understand each oda and make peace btw them selfs atleast they are matured.

  15. looking claim or pretty does not mean a woman has got no problem we are women and we can pretend. you guys should ask d reason y d mother kicked against d Lola gal,and now d brodA is not happy again about d gal. sum tin must be wrong, well I just pray dia reason like brothers,Cus If dia allow DAT gal to be a problem to them dia will end up bad

  16. All what am gonna say to this is they should engage theirselves in a family meeting and bring everything back to normal its doesnot worth d blast they doing to their selv

  17. mchw…whats ours there’s…there are living there lives, and we are living ours…if not that they are not matured, must the whole world be helping them settle dispute?

  18. It is all tribalism the root of there problem from day one is there mum if she were to be alive today there problem would have been worse than this for sure.

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