RCCG Pastor Soji Oni Gets Triplets After 25 Years Of Childlessness In Port Harcourt(Photo)


rccg pastor soji oni triplets

March 21, 2013 – Soji Oni, Redeemed Pastor & Wife Get Triplets After 25 Years Of Childlessness In Port Harcourt(Photo)

Pastor Soji Oni, a provincial pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (The King’s Place Parish) in Port Harcourt Rivers state is a happy father after over 25 years of waiting on God.

Pastor Soji Oni and his wife married back in 1988 and since then, he has dedicated his life to the service of God.

It was a joyful occasion when the couple dedicated the miracle babies recently at the King’s Place Parish, Port Harcourt, headquarters of Rivers Province 2 of the RCCG.

The miracle babies named Miracle, Sign and Wonder, were dedicated to God few Sundays ago with crowds cheering.

An overwhelmed Oni told his congregation that it takes a man with heart and foundation built on God to patiently wait 25 years for the fruit of the womb.

Below is what Pastor Soji Oni said during the dedication ceremony.

“Twenty five years is not twenty five days. It was a very big challenge not only as a family man but as a pastor who prays for others for the same problem and they receive. But today our prayers have been answered. “God knows our problems. I didn’t pray to have triplets but He gave one.

Many families break for not being able to bear children, but we should continue to trust in the Lord no matter the challenges. Our challenges are not bigger than God.” Also sharing the tough times the family endured in the long wait for a child, the wife called on women to love and pray together with their husbands during tribulations as God is the only one who “knows our problems.”

God is indeed a miracle working God.