Recession: Nigerian Policeman Caught Picking Onions On The Road In Kogi State

nigerian policeman picking onions on road

November 20, 2016 – Recession: Nigerian Police Officer On Duty Caught Picking Onions That Fell On The Road In Kogi State

This policeman on duty was caught in Adavi Local Government area of Kogi State picking onions on the road.

Apparently the Onions became a ‘manna from heaven’ to passersby after they fell from an overloaded speeding truck.

The unidentified officer was seen putting the onions in his helmet.

Recession or no recession, man must chop… #picking onions is not corruption **wink**!!!

8 thoughts on “Recession: Nigerian Policeman Caught Picking Onions On The Road In Kogi State

  1. The police man know his onions. Na why he is pick am. He can not posibul to pick onions weyris not his own. He can only posibul to pick his onions bicos he know his onions. When he is pick am finish, he is dry am for sun and mix am with igbo to smoke.

  2. Please give the policeman a break! The highway should be clear of debris.some drinks manufacturing company even have their staff on standby and provide brooms for sweeping the road when their products through mistake fall off their vehicles and mess up the environment.
    If this policeman is packing onions from the road it might be with similar intent. If onion is edible it should be considered a bonus and “finders keepers” is in order.

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