Redeemed, RCCG Pastor Killed In Ogun State: Tunde Olawuwo Of Mount Zion Parish Murdered

rccg pastor killed in ogun state

January 7, 2014 – Redeemed, RCCG Church Pastor Killed In Ogun State: Tunde Olawuwo Of Mount Zion Parish Assassinated

Who could have done this to a fellow human being? This is the exact question on the mind of everyone who hear the sad assassination news of a popular Pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The area pastor of Mount Zion parish in Agiliti, Mile 12 has been brutally murdered by some suspected hired killers who stormed his residence in Ogun state on Sunday.

Tunde Olawuwo, an auditor at Red Star Express was shot dead by the gunmen around 4 am on Sunday two hours after the assailants attacked his residence in Magboro area of Ogun state, Nigeria.

He was hiding in the ceiling when the gunmen gained entry into his compound.

They reportedly fired shots at the ceiling and shot him dead. They cut off his stomach and placed his intestines on his chest.

Pastor Tunde Olawuwo was in his early 50s when he was brutally murdered.

Sources said the killers arrived the pastor’s house at about 2am but could not gain entrance into the house until 4am.

The deceased was said to have fallen from the ceiling and was shot several times by the killers.

According to sources, all pleas made by his wife were ignored as the suspected hired killers cut his stomach open and brought out his intestines and placed them on his chest.

Late Tunde Olawuwo attended Awoyemi High school in Okeho before proceeding to Yaba for his Higher National Diploma.

May his soul rest in perfect peace and may his killers know no peace.

25 thoughts on “Redeemed, RCCG Pastor Killed In Ogun State: Tunde Olawuwo Of Mount Zion Parish Murdered

  1. I can’t seem to get this together
    They used 2 hours to break into his compound and no police in sight

  2. Sometime that is the reason why some people prefer abroad than to stay in Nigeria, bad things happen all over the world but if it were to be here in America for good two hours that this people are trying to break in to the house Neigbour would have call police talk less there are no burglary and long gates in most houses in America, for two hours no one can call police it’s a pity
    rip pastor.

    • We have to know Satan is at work the children of God need to pray n seek God like never before.I always ask myself why do some shepherds of God die such a sad death??

  3. This is just new year and things like dis are happen.what did they want from dis man to kill man of God.those people dat did dat evil act their shall be windom and their children shall fatherless dis 2014 in Jesus name. Lord fight 4 him?

  4. God knows best o bcos d killing is too brutal for a pastor. We need not judge anyone but wot is hidden to us is open to d Almighty.

  5. Nigeria is the worse place on Earth. The whole country is made of armed robbers. Even at the airport, you fine white colour armed robbers extorting money from people while the police watch. I remember how a woman attached me at Murtala muhammed airport to pay her $12 for daring to touch her computer.
    The urge for Money has completely derailed humanity into the mind of an Average Nigerian. In- fact Nigerians small money and it takes Just 10 Naira for a Nigerian to be hired to Kill a person.
    With all the prophets on earth born in this Blue and white colour armed robbery society, is there no means to deliver Nigerians from Criminality and Money greedy mentality?.

  6. who soever did this evil act will never go unpunished.their children , wife and all their generation will surver they will never know peace ,joy sorrow will be their portion and whosoever sent them to go and kill this man. `

  7. Mmnnn! I love my country so much and I really do want come back to live in my country but each time I read stories like this I just get really scared. It appears that people sort out minor problems/arguements this days by assassination. What could this man have done to be murdered in this barbaric way in front of his family. RIP Pastor.

  8. This is pure wickedness but come to think of it, did anybody wonder wat dis man of God has done to call for dis kind of brutality although noting justifies dis act but i guess d pastor too has skeleton in his cupboard

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