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regaining motivation when depressed

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Regaining Motivation When Depressed: How To Stay Motivated While Going Through Depression

regaining motivation when depressed

Regaining Motivation When Depressed: How To Stay Motivated While Fighting Depression

There are many reasons people get  depressed. From work to relationships and family, there a loads of issues that can get one depressed. Depression usually leaves a gaping hole and makes one feel unmotivated to do anything.

If this feeling is left to linger, one can sink so low to the point of being asocial or even suicidal. Usually, such persons need constant care and attention and perhaps, even therapy to get better.  However, there is no therapy as effective as the one administered by one’s own self.

Here is what I mean. Sometimes prescriptions and all may seem rigorous and almost like a chore but when one talks to one’s self and puts a foot down and decides to sit up and fight depression, it becomes more effective.

You must also note that before fighting depression, you have to deal with the issue that caused it first before the process. This will help you get rid of the issue the focus on getting results. For instance, if your depression was caused by a failed relationship, it would not help if you still talk with him/her or still keep in touch with them.

If you are feeling withdrawn and depressed about virtually everything, do not worry.

Here are some time-tested tips to get you out of your reverie. Remember, you have to be conscientious about them plus, have yourself surrounded by friends and family who are also willing to push you into action.

How To Get Your Motivation Back When Depressed 

Be Active

A psychological report has it that physical activities are a great way to help shake off depression.  If you are feeling too down, you can decide to take a walk- a ten minutes walk everyday can be a great boost to your mood.

Also, other exercise forms such as stretching or simple yoga poses, dancing, cooking jogging etc can also be a great way. All in all, physical activities (of any kind) actually makes your blood pump and boosts your energy.

The worst thing you can do when you are depressed is to become a recluse and withdraw into your shell. If you do, chances are that you may never overcome it or it may longer than it should for you. So get up and get going. Get to do things by yourself and little by little, you will realize that your mind will gradually become occupied and you will forget the source of the depression.

Interact With Others

Need I say more? Socializing is a great way to lift your spirit from the pool of depression. Why do you think doctors and therapists advise such people to be around family and friends? This is so that they will not have the time to be alone and wallow in misery and self-pity. Seek the company of positive and happy people who will not only infect you with their positive vibes but will also add a zest to your life. By socializing we do not exactly mean big rowdy parties or such gatherings. It could be a wedding reception, a book launch, the movies or the mall- any outdoor activity that is not too rowdy to avoid making the person feel choked up.

You must bear in mind that although going out is a good thing for such person, he/she also needs to pick the event carefully to avoid feeling annihilated from the rest of the people there.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is like a therapy on its own. A lot of people going through depression hardly have time to close their eyes talk more of sleeping because they are continually brooding. Sleeping on the other hand helps clear your head of whatever thoughts running riotously in it. Think of it as a mind boost. It helps keep your balanced (mentally) as well.

Some people even resort to taking sleeping pills. While this is not very healthy, doctors prescribe it sometimes in mild doses to people with severe cases of depression. As as much possible, try to rest (even if not sleep) to rest your nerves.

Avoid Depression Triggers And Causes

This means avoiding everything that can cause or trigger the depression or situations that are most likely to make you fall back into it. What this means in very crisp language is to avoid what made you fall into depression in the first place plus new situations.

For instance, if what made you depressed was that you got hurt by your partner in a relationship, it would be folly on your part to keep on talking to them (at least not while you are still in the healing process). So disconnect completely from them and do not even attempt getting a rebound by jumping into yet another relationship because you will only end up hurting yourself. The mistake most people make is trying to have a rebound with someone you know you do not love just because you are trying so hard to get over someone. What to do? Stick to the healing process- focus on getting on your feet again instead of trying to heal using someone else. In the end you may end up hurting the other person and even yourself.

Stop Taking Drugs And Alcohol

These twin evils should be kept as far away as possible from anyone recovering from depression. Drugs and alcohol are additives and once the person sees them as a succour, he/she becomes addicted and would not be willing to seek nor get adequate care and attention because of the temporary respite they get from it. Never oblige them any of these even if they feel their lives depend on it.

Studies show that people who are depressed have the tendency to degenerate into drug addicts or alcoholics. This is however not healthy and will do them more harm than good.

Instead of drugs and alcohol, drink more water (alternatively you can add lime to your water to give it that zing and sour taste of alcohol). If you really mean to get over


Beyond physical activities, exercises are great ways to fight depression. Think of it this way, exercises helps to pump your metabolism. It also makes you mentally stable and alert. Every once in a while, you should exercise, even if not going to the gym, there are some very simple routines that you can do at home.

Instead of whining and complaining, get up and get busy. Find out simple routines that work well for you and do them. You can start by doing them twice in a week and as your confidence increases, you can increase the number of times too. If it helps, you can also find an exercise partner,who can boost  your morale and help you achieve even the things you never thought you could.

Eat Balanced Diet

Eating, and eating healthy is a very good way to help a depressed individual. I’d possible, family members and friends around the person can help suggest a meal plan and if possible, cook it for the person because there is a great likelihood that if you do not, the person may not even remember to eat and when they want to, they will only settle for junks which are unhealthy.

Being  depressed affects the individual in a lot of ways, but not eating well or eating in inappropriate ways will do more harm than good. This is why it is so important that the individual should be around people who genuinely love and care about them. Remember that whatsoever or whoever it was that caused the depression is not exactly the one suffering but you. So get up, eat and stay alive.

Praise Yourself for Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Yes, it may sound like no big deal but when you are depressed, leaving that home it throws you in is not easy at all. So take baby steps- one at a time and congratulate yourself for every little feat you have achieved.

For instance, in the beginning, you may not have been answering your calls, or leaving the bed, but now, you can go out have a bath, take phone calls etc. Consider all this as part of the healing process and be happy you are making genuine progress.

Remember you are working at your own pace so do not expect to be fast like the other person. Take it one step at a time and you will be fine. Bear this in mind, depression takes more effect when you are idle. So even if you will not be  leaving the house, get up and do something. Clean the house, workout, cook, do the laundry, read a book, see a movie, sleep etc. Just get busy and don’t be idle at any any time because the moment you let idleness sink in, you will be the worse for it.

Avoid Stress

Do not try to do a lot of things at the same time. This will only overwhelm you and at the end of the day, you will end up achieving nothing. The last thing you need during this period is stress in addition to what you are going through. If friends and family come around trying to get you to socialize and you are not feeling yp to it, let them know you appreciate their help but you are not ready to socialize yet. Do all you can do within the pace you feel most comfortable with.

Distance yourself from every negative emotions and bad energy. Forgive whoever it is (assuming it was someone who is caused  your present state) and do not hold it against them. If you do not forgive  them, your healing process is going to take longer than it should.

So set yourself free, breath easy and enjoy the healing process. The good part of healing is that by the time you are completely done, there will be virtually no situation that will be capable of putting you in such a state again because you have “been there done that” (literally).

See A Therapist Or Doctor

Sometimes after several attempts to fight depression, you may meet a brick wall or make very little or no progress over a long period of time. The next available option may be to see a doctor or a therapist. Seeking for professional help is a very valid option especially if you have tried all within your power and not made much progress.

Usually, it seems Nigeria is no place where one can get get a therapist or a doctor that handles depresses patients. But the truth is that many Nigerians go through depression but they just suck it up and go about their daily lives while dying on the inside.

It is time for that to  change. If you are going through depression, seek for a professional guide and advice. Take therapeutic classes, do yoga anything that is recommended by the doctor to help you just stick to the book. Do not bottle up your feelings and emotions just because you feel that you do not know anyone who has been reported of having depression or because you do not know any doctor who can adequately manage this situation.

Remember that you are you which means you are different and feel things very differently from everyone else. Also the way you feel amd react to situations are entirely different from everyone else’s.

So dust yourself and pay that visit to the doctor. Explain unashamedly the situation you are in to him/her and also tell them what methods you have used and what has worked and what has not. Be open to try out out all the new methods they might proffer.

Do not let anyone talk down on you or tell you it is a waste of time or money. As long as you are sure you need absolute help especially that of a professional, then by all means go ahead.

What matters is that at the end of the day, you are well and whole and able to leave your normal and happy life. Remember, depression is not the end of the world. Just find out what works for you and stick to it. At the end of the day, with determination and doggedness, you will be well.

Are you fighting depression, will you try any of the methods in this article, please let’s hear from you.

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1 Comment

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    Nice list and article. thanks for helping people

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