Residents Say Bird Fell And Turned Into Mad Woman In Ishaga Lagos [PHOTO]

lagos bird woman ishaga

Nov 3rd, 2014 – Residents Say Bird Fell And Turned Into Mad Woman In Ishaga, Abule Egba Lagos [PICTURE]

Another case of bird turning into human has been recorded in Lagos.

Residents of Imulokanle Street said the woman pictured above has been parading their streets naked since she dropped down as  bird few days ago.

According to eyewitnesses, a bird suddenly dropped as it was flying by and it turned into the mentally challenged woman pictured above.

She allegedly confessed to killing 4 people last week.

They are pleading to the police to come to their rescue before she killed another person

Imulokanle street is near Ishaga bus stop off Abule Egba, Ekoro Road.

Hmmmm. Na only Lagos u go hear this kind thing and it is becoming too frequent ##yeye dey smell 

6 thoughts on “Residents Say Bird Fell And Turned Into Mad Woman In Ishaga Lagos [PHOTO]

  1. No week passes without bird turning to human being in Lagos, Nigerians wakeup pls let us serve the allmighty God .

  2. Take her to psychiatric,unlike making stories of a mad person who is out of her senses. Does it please you to see the nakedness of a mad person. Chicken reasoning.

  3. this is one of the reason why the western world refers to Nigeria as third world country. This woman here is mentally derail for crying out loud! Any mad person on the street of lagos is now a witch. If u ask those accusing the poor woman of witchcraft whether they saw the bird turning to human in the process of transformation they will be moping like morons. Nigerians need to start reading widely, they need exposure of life to understand things from more intelligent perspectives. Why is it that something like this never happen in VGC, LEKKY, IKOYI, OMOLE ESTATE, MAGODO ESTATE but always in Mushin, Agege, oshodi, ishaga etc. May God forgive all our sin and give us wisdom and understanding

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