Rita Dominic Remembers Late Mother “Happy Birthday Mum, Keep Resting In Heaven”

rita dominic late mum

Sept 13, 2013 – Rita Dominic Remembers Late Mother “Happy Birthday Mum, Keep Resting In Heaven”

After 13 years of her mother’s death, Nigerian actress Rita Dominic used today to remember late mama Dominic.

The award-winning actress took to her Twitter page few hours ago to shower honour on her late mother.

She shared the above picture with the caption “13 yrs ago we lost u to the cold hands of death and not a day goes by that we don’t think of u.. We miss u so much and we hope we have made u proud.. Happy bday mummy.. Keep resting in heaven..”

What a resemblance! Rita Dominic looks so much like her late mum.

Madam, may your soul continue to rest in eternal peace.

14 thoughts on “Rita Dominic Remembers Late Mother “Happy Birthday Mum, Keep Resting In Heaven”

  1. That’s a birthday to remember.Don’t worry Rita she is proud beyond words.I hope that’s not cigar in it hand bcos that will make ma very mad & we don’t want that to happen right?.to uterewu sorry about ur lost I know is painful to lost someone but kids are meant to bury their parents that’s d rule of life.once again Red is hopelessly sorry for ur lost.

  2. Uterewu, pls accept my hrtfelt sympathy on behalf of ur beloved moda. Tk hrt. Rita, if u‘re sure ur mum is restn in Heaven, den u hv notin 2 worry abt. Ur major concern nw is hw 2 make it 2 Heaven urself. N dis requires total holiness & righteousness.

  3. Her dirty soul is roasting in HELL. Rita repent now or you shall have the same faith as your DEMONIC MOTHER. Repent now or you shall suffer the same faith as Jesus Christ who was arrested, tortured & hang like a roasted chicken even though he claimed to be God or son of God.

  4. @olawale may d gOod lord hav mercy on u, cos frm d look of tins, u lack motherly Love frm d onset cos if u had felt motherly love u wouldn’t b speakin lyk a destitute

  5. If u were sharing money it wouldn’t have gotten to my ear b/cos ur mummy was dead and u let every to hear about it may the lord forgive and forget u.

  6. Olawale,do you know where you will be tomorrow? you are abusing the death as if you will not die. How can you judge Rita and her mum as if you had issues with them and also made mockery of Jesus, well I pray that God Almighty will forgive you and convert you as he converted Saul to Paul in the bible, so that you will appreciate Goad and humanity.

    Rita is painful to loose someone special, I know how you feel but my prayer is that God almighty should heal your heart and give your mother rest.
    Remember death is inevitable, all of will die someday but what matters is eternity.

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