Nollywood Birthday: Monalisa Chinda Is A Year Older Today

monalisa chinda birthday 2013

Sept 13, 2013 – Nollywood Birthday: Monalisa Chinda Is A Year Older Today

Nollywood beauty queen and actress Monalisa Chinda is a year older today.

The mother of one who just dumped her lover, Lanre Nzeribe has a reason to smile again.

Though at the time of this report we’re not sure how old the actress is, we are still happy for her.

Monalisa Chinda hails from River State where she finished a degree in Theatre Arts.

The star actress has featured in many movies which include Kiss & Tell, Broken Pieces, Without Goodby, Breaking Heart, Okon Lagos, Timeless Passion and many other interesting Nollywood movies.

Join us in wishing Monalisa Chinda a happy birthday.

18 thoughts on “Nollywood Birthday: Monalisa Chinda Is A Year Older Today

  1. Which guy is on board on this birthday? Lanre was d pilot the previous year. Let this birthday be a moment of sober reflection to our dear sister. The clock is ticking…. hbd shaa.

  2. I don’t want to start any grammer war with anybody,can somebody pls tell RED how old a mother should be to stop happybirthing her life? No come curse me here oo,we dey for holidays here so I get all d time to visit my grammer book and exchange grammer.I wan take ur answer fight my sister.

  3. Repent now or you shall suffer the same faith as Jesus Christ who was arrested, tortured & hang like a roasted chicken even though he claimed to be God or son of God.

  4. Dear mona this is a letter to you if you have a junior sister that is true ressemblance of you and looking younger pls pass it to me for marriage i luv you -muah muah.

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