Rita Edochie: A Family Friend Got Me Pregnant In Primary 6,I Was 7 Months Before My Mum Noticed It


rita edochie pregnant primary 6

May 25, 2016 – Rita Edochie: My Mother’s Friend Son Used Juju To Get Me Pregnant In Primary 6, I Was 7 Months Before My Mother Noticed It

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie today called on parents to engage in regular communication with their children in order to rescue them from sexual predators.

In an exclusive chat with NAN, Madam Edochie said a family friend got her pregnant in primary six using diabolic means.

rita edochie raped family friend

Hear what she told The News Agency Of Nigeria today:

“The boy used some diabolic means and sexually violated me; when I could not see my period, I refuse to tell my mother, because she was very strict.

“My mother asked how it happened and I told her everything; my brother picked a knife and wanted to kill me, but my mother stopped him.

“It happened that the mother of the boy that violated me was my mother’s friend; the boy’s mother was surprise but the boy denied.
“My mother took me to hospital to abort the pregnancy with a plan of taking me to my grandmother’s place at ‘Ogede’ to stay for one week before returning home.

“I told her I may lose my life in the process; and because she loved me, she then aborted the planned abortion; I feel it was God that spoke through me.

Rita Edochie said her mother nurtured the baby while she returns to school.

She urged parents to listen to their children regularly.