Ritual Killer Dumped Headless Body In Benin City; Madman Arrested With N4Million


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April 23, 2014 – Ritual Killer, Human Parts Seller Arrested In Benin City With N4Million

Ritualist Dumped Headless Body In Benin City; Madman Arrested With N4Million

Security operatives in Benin City have arrested a suspected ritual killer who disguised as a madman.

The ritualist was caught at the Upper Sokponba road area of the capital city of Edo state with gun, different human parts and 4 million naira cash.

It was reliably gathered that the man had lived in a make-shift apartment for close to two years, pretending to be a madman.

One of the homeowners in the area identified as Pa Onaiwu said the suspected ritualists was in the habit of behaving funny in the dark.

“This man sometimes behaves funny. In the afternoon, you will see him bathing naked, behaving like a real madman.

“What really disturbed us are the dead bodies found around almost the same area. The most serious issues is that if a dead body is that of a woman, the head, the breasts and the private part would have been removed. Same also goes for a male dead body.

“The last person that died around the area was a woman whose head, breasts and private part was cut off. Nobody will ever believe that the man is not a madman, the way he behaves, not knowing that he is responsible for all the killings in that area.”

He suggested that someone might have seen the suspect dumping the headless body on the express road and informed the security operatives.