Husband Beats Wife In Court During Divorce Case In Lagos

husband beats wife court

April 23, 2014 – Man Beats Wife In Court During Divorce Case In Lagos

An Ikeja Magistrate’s court was turned into a battleground when a man, Olufemi Ogbiyele engaged his wife, Bola Ogbiyele, in a fight. The incident, which generated a lot of attention inside the court premises, was alleged to have begun when a friend of the divorce-seeking couple pleaded with the husband, to settle out of court but the plea fell on deaf ears.

Instead, Ogbiyele was said to have grabbed the wife’s handbag, while demanding custody of their three children, and beat up his wife to the chagrin of court attendants.

Counsel to the estranged wife, Barrister Shittu Oladeyinde, who spoke with P.M.NEWS said, “I am also the embattled woman’s friend and was aware that a friend called them to settle out of court. Unfortunately, this fell on deaf ears and the man flared up, demanded custody of his children.

Oladeyinde then explained the genesis of their problem. “It actually started on 11 February last year when the woman locked herself up in the children’s room after he beat her up. She then left for her mother’s house afterwards to avoid being lynched.”

The counsel further disclosed that “another lawyer, Barrister Taiwo and a pastor had met with the husband, asking him to resolve the matter amicably and take his wife home but Ogbiyele agreed to do so on the condition that the wife stopped working, which the woman blatantly rejected.

“It was after this meeting that the man sent a text message to the wife, asking her to prepare her lawyers for a divorce,” he explained.

The petition for divorce with suit number ID/377HD/13, filed at the Ikeja High Court last year September read, “failure of petitioner to comply with the provisions of section 15, sub-section 2(d) of matrimonial cause, act caption 220 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990″.

While narrating his story, Ogbiyele told the court that his wife was sleeping with different men when she travelled to the United Kingdom in March 2012.

He further stated that on 12 February last year, his wife slapped him when he accused her of stealing his properties and solicited the support of her lovers to beat him for bringing up such an allegation against her.

In response to the allegations levelled against the man, the second counsel to the wife, Akin Aroyewo stated that, “In the first place, she did not abscond from her matrimonial home on 1 September, she ran for her dear life when the husband wanted to kill her with an iron belt.

“They have not lived apart for two years but the husband is the one who is frivolous and temperamental. This he even showed by abusing court proceedings.”

[Reported by PM News]

12 thoughts on “Husband Beats Wife In Court During Divorce Case In Lagos

  1. This short tempered man is not supposed to be a husband talkess of being a father
    Sorry madam just divorce him and live ur life

    • Does the bible condone suicide too? don’t be ridiculous. Someone’s life is at stake here.Mindless of the fact that he is in the midst of lawyers he still does that how much more when he’s amone with her. Woman oya pack comot.

  2. some waives are like devil dont too much blame the man, d woman most have done something that sucks all his patience

  3. I agree with you Talia. Although the bible does not encourage divorce, it does not condone violence or domestic abuse either. This woman has to protect not only herself, but her children from this thug. Do people want her to kill her first then regret advising her to stay in a violent non-loving relationship??!

  4. Brightboe, the bible also said that my people perish because of IGNORANCE.. Every man has the power of choice. Sometimes we make mistake and quite often, it could be in marriage. Two people who are not compartible with each other should never go into a union or allowed to remain in a union. Moreover, The bible also gave conditions for divorce….

  5. A broken marriage is a million times better than a dead wife or husband. please go ahead with the divorce,if possible ask for your transfer and leave the state both of you are living right now before you run into each other and i have to write and post rest in peace.

  6. I dont know why so many people support women when case of such comes out,majority of women are demon possesd,go to any church the poplation of women members are almost 9 percent;it was just recently in this Niajagists that we read about a woman who stab her husband to death,please men and women are human, the cause of the matter may be that the woman date with her working mates that wsa why the man siad that she should stop working, the bible said that the woman MUST be submissive to her husband and obey him in everything not otherwise, who likeS cheating?Uu husband travel to UK and she was measing up with co wokers and have the mind to ask her friend to beat up the man, sometimes i blame men for giving more room to their wivies from the early time.please my fellow man settle the case out of court for the sake of the children.

  7. I will like to take an exception to this. Women dont hv more devils inside them than d men do, neither do d men hv more devils in them than d women. Dat women are more in number in Churches does not mean dat dy hv more problems dan d men. i can say dy believe more in God than d men who try to comprehend God with our little brains b4 believing. Given, some women can be an embodiment of evil & troubles and there are men who better passed off as cronic demons, infact they are worst than a legion of devils put together. But in all these our very slim & naive opinions about these persistent issues of divorce, it is pertinent to note dat it is how u make ur bed so u lie on it. there is no marriage r/ship dat has had no single quarrel or slight misunderstanding but Bible says Love covers a multitude of sins. so making ur bed starts with bringing God into ur life from d very beginning & making Him ur Lord & personal Saviour then moving on next to making Him the foundation & bedrock of ur marriage & family. storms of life MUST surely come but when they come the ability of “ur house”, “ur marriage”, “ur family”, “ur life” to stand depends on what foundation u started with & where u built on. while i was still huzzling as a young man to make ends meet & take care of my family, i remember the time i took my bus without a spare tyre to huzzle on d road bcos things where really bitting. on one of those faithful days i had a flat tyre & all d people i knew dat could easily assist me with their spare tyre turned their face d other way. dat is wat happens to so many of us in life, marriage, family, business or ministry. we start off without God & when d storms of life hits us we quickly turn to God for help & deliverance & expect Him to do a miracle for us over night. He is always a merciful God but we dont also bring it to mind dat we had shunned Him from d beginning of our journey but when trouble strikes, sickness, divorce, wife battery, adultery, all forms of physical & psychological abuses in d family & work place we then remember God. our society & generation is fast deteriorating. our youths are no better than the married ones & vice versa. Bible says “seek Him early while He may be found…”. i believe dat if we can take a rightful turn & begin to seek God early He will surely calm every storm in our lives & family whenever they arise…and our society may be a better place…i rest my case!

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