Robbers Attack Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper Publisher House In Lagos, Sam Amuka Beaten To Stupor

armed robbers attack vanguard publisher home

June 6, 2016 – Armed Robbers Attack Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper Owner House In Anthony Ikeja Lagos, Sam Amuka Beaten To Stupor

About 5 robbers raided the home of Mr Sam Amuka, the publisher of Vanguard Nigeria yesterday.

After beating the innocent old man to stupor, the dare devils carted away several millions of Naira.

According to an eyewitness, the attack happened around 1:30am after the robbers scaled through his fence and overpowered his security men by tying their hands and legs.

They later broke through the ceiling leading to Sam Amuka’s private room.

One of the security men rescued by the police said the dare devils operated for over an hour

This is what Lagos Police spokesperson said about the robbery attack:

“Well, our men rushed the man to the hospital as he was complaining of pains. He was beaten up by his attackers. We are suspecting his domestic staff, because a similar incident occurred four years ago, while he was planning a trip to South Africa. This one again, he was planning a trip also to South Africa.”

The Octogenarian is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

6 thoughts on “Robbers Attack Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper Publisher House In Lagos, Sam Amuka Beaten To Stupor

  1. Definately an insider is involved by just going directly into his private room. Sorry sir but why keep millions in d house. I hope u are not one of dis people we are talkg about I mean d looters.

  2. how much was stolen in his house,why would he keep money in the house, Technology had made things easier by inventing ATM or credit cards.

  3. Proper investigation should be taken on this to bring d culprits to book..
    Wish him quick recovery.

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