Ronke Ojo Oshodi Oke Not Living With Husband; Nollywood Actress Denies Marriage Crash


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May 1st, 2014 – Ronke Oshodi Oke Ojo Explains Why She’s Not Living With Husband “I’m Not An Outgoing Person”

Ronke Ojo Oshodi Oke Not Living With Husband; Nollywood Actress Debunks Marriage Crash

Nollywood’s booblicious queen, Ronke Ojo aka Oshodi Oke has finally spoken up on why she decided to stay solo since her controversial wedding in 2009.

The actress who claimed she loves tranquility recently told City People why she hasn’t been living with her husband Omogbolahan Anthony since they got married.

In her own words:

“There is nothing wrong with my marriage. That’s how people are just feeling. Recently, City People magazine celebrated me. I received an award. My husband was there with me. So if there was anything wrong with our union, would he be there? Things like that, you can’t hide them from the public. I just believe people only like fabricating issues for whatever reason or reasons best known to them”

ronke oshodi oke husband

My husband lives in Surulere, while I lives in Ijaiye, Lagos “If you have a partner or spouse who is your friend, you will understand each other very well. Fine, I am a reserved person and on the other hand I am also into showbiz. So for me to manage these things, you have to be in a reserved person. For instance when you are going out or coming in, nobody knows your movement. Secondly, I am friendly but I don’t really like crowd. My husband likes Surulere, he is a Surulere person. I like surburbs like Abule-Egba, Ijaiye area and so on. So both of us know how to manage the situation.

Whenever I say I am going to Surulere, I just go there to catch fun, see people and things I love to see. But the fact remains even if I am in Surulere, people don’t really know I am there because I don’t go out. I am not an outgoing person. Most of the events you see me, its either I am invited as a Master of Ceremony or the celebrant is my friend.
Anytime I don’t go out and I am not on set, I go to my husband’s place in Surulere and he understands me very well. All these kidnappings here and there, one needs to be very careful. When they kidnap your child and they say they need ransom, what would you do? So we know how we manage the situation. He also comes to Ijaiye where I live. That’s where my mum lives”

Is this a genuine reason for living separately even after wedding… I don’t get this oooo