Ronke Shonde Murder Update: Lagos Killer Husband Lekan Tricked By Friends While Fleeing To Cotonou

ronke shonde murder update

May 9, 2016 – Lagos Wife Killer Lekan Shonde Arrested While Planning To Flee To Cotonou, Detained At SCID Homicide Unit

Update On Lagos Wife Killer Lekan Shonde Arrest: How Friend Tricked Suspect To Surrender While Fleeing To Cotonou

Olalekan Shonde was tricked to the police station by his close friends today while planning to flee to Cotonou Benin Republic.

According to his close friends, the suspect blamed anger on the death of his wife, he reportedly told RRS officials today that he only pushed his wife aside during an argument and that he didn’t intend to kill her.

lekan shonde killer husband

The suspect, who has since been hiding, was said to have shuttled Cotonou, Benin Republic, Badagry and Ondo State since Friday.

It was gathered that he was convinced to come back to Lagos from Ondo State on Sunday night, where he had planned to flee the country from.

lekan shonde murder

Shonde, it was gathered cried severally, insisting that he did not kill his late wife.

He is currently in detention at the Homicide Unit Of SCID Panti Yaba.

10 thoughts on “Ronke Shonde Murder Update: Lagos Killer Husband Lekan Tricked By Friends While Fleeing To Cotonou

  1. Medicine after death. Even if it wasnt intentional y did he phone punch news paper and says he can’t be caught? He’s a fool! I pity his children, cos this man is nt worth living. Thank God his Frnd is nt a party to his exit.

  2. Story dey come you say he too stay. After all that boast about your being invincible, only one day in custody and you start singing different tunes.

    Just prime yourself Oga for your woes are only just beginning.Mchweeeeeew!

  3. I thought he was making mouth. useless man for u to lay ur hands on ur wife u are a gonna God will judge u.

  4. Thank you [email protected]! Calling the police to boast that he was Willy-Willy and crying in pain for the death of his wife, the two actions contradict each other; they don’t seem to me like what the same person would do, except the person was first of all down with a mental strain. He deserves no mercy!

  5. This guy is so foolish by taking that awkward decision to end his wife life. Some coward are so high in spirit whenever they want to make that irrational decision and they forget all about the consequences. Instead of this guy to show remorse for killing his wife he was bragging that he is a Lagosian that no police officer can arrest him. Less than a week he is already in the police web. It appears that people have no respect for law in this Country again and that is why we need to reinstate capital punishment as in the old good days. We need to kill in order to clean up crime in this Country period.

  6. Hi Jilo, have been missing, where have you been? Sometimes, we really gets busy that we have little or no time to visit the net. Believe Me, so many things have been happening.

    Shonde‘s boasting only gingered the police command to intensify their efforts and to take their search to the Zenith. It was almost like an insult to the police who sees themselves as very intelligent secret detectives for a single civilian (bloody civilian) as they often phrased, to challenge them to their capability, intelligence and job for which they were trained.

    There is nobody thats is invisible for the police to arrest if they really want to do their job as they are themselves criminals.

    No be me talk am o…ehen.
    I don run….

  7. Mumu man. If you didn’t kill your wife, why were you hiding all these while? They will just sentence you to death by hanging. Ewu

  8. you do not worth dieing for SHONDE. it is better to walk out of that marriage than to make her walk out of Life. what a cruel way to separate from your better half.

    Remember to serve God for the remaining part of your life in the prison. REPENT.

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