Ruggedman Encourages Fat-Shamed Uriel As Fans Bully Her

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Nov 1st, 2017 – Ruggedman Encourages Fat-Shamed Uriel As Fans Bully Her

Nigerian musician Michael Ugochukwu Stephens aka Ruggedman has come for fans bullying ex-BB Naija housemate, Uriel over her new physique.

She rocked the above outfit to Mavis Party and took to the social media to share the photos only to be bullied by some fans who said she was too fat and had Saggy boobs.

In no time, Ruggedman came to her defence with these sweet words:

“@urielmusicstar I looooove your body (her hips na die) n booby the same way the silly people forming haters for the gram do. They want what you stand for.
They wish they had your spot. If their hateful words didn’t get you where you are today, why think it can bring you down? Sweet heart let them keep talking. Nobody is talking about them. They are just instagram handles, while you are much more.
As long as you are cool with you “#theirwordsdontmatter ”

A personal advice to Uriel..

Stop exposing your body anyhow…. Why not dress with dignity from now on and see if anyone will call you out and for those bullying her, get a life because you are in no way better. #endofdiscussion

One thought on “Ruggedman Encourages Fat-Shamed Uriel As Fans Bully Her

  1. Ruggedman God bless you. Uriel nne, please move on with your life
    and continue to be yourself, you owe no man any explanation.

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