Rykardo Agbor: I Stopped Smoking After Doctors Diagnosed Me With Typhoid Fever

Rykardo Agbor smoking

Feb 5, 2017 – Rykardo Agbor: I Quit Smoking After Doctors Diagnosed Me With Typhoid Fever

Why I Quit Smoking By Rykardo Agbor

I had a couple of grown-up friends that I played football with and I later joined the smoking spree.

I was in secondary school then. I smoked a lot of SM until the day I felt so sick and my mum took me to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed typhoid fever and also told her I had been smoking.

My mother denied it and told him her son had never smoked.  She defended me to the core and I felt very guilty and bad that my mum trusted me so much and I wasn’t living up to her expectations.

I resolved to stop smoking thenceforth till date.