Sad Photos Of Prisoner With Prostate Cancer & Sick Inmates Dying In Asaba Delta State Prison


sick prisoners delta state prison

December 17, 2016 – Heartbreaking Pictures Of Inmate With Prostate Cancer & Several Other Sick Prisoners Dying In Delta State Prison

See the condition of some inmates awaiting trial at a prison in Delta State.

Human Right Activist, Prince Harrison was appalled by the sad health condition of some of the inmates he met at the undisclosed prison located in Asaba Delta state.

Here are some heartbreaking photos Prince Harrison shared on the social media earlier this week.

One of the inmates with Prostate cancer.

prisoner prostate cancer delta state

The other inmates suffering from severe malnutrition.

Another sick inmate

Prince Harrison’s comment

Some wicked prison warders are probably waiting for most of them to die in order to get rid of them.

Can you now compare these poor inmates with top politicians like Fani Kayode, Obanikoro when they were remanded at Kuje prison in Abuja.

This is so sad!!