Seminary Student, Pastor Jailed For Stealing Indomie, Tomatoes & Pepper In Osogbo Osun State

pastor steals indomie osogbo

June 17, 2016 – Seminary Student, Pastor Jailed For Stealing Indomie, Tomatoes & Pepper In Osogbo Osun State

A 28-year-old student-pastor, Akintunde Olatunde, was today sentenced to three years imprisonment for burglary by an Osogbo Magistrates’ Court in Osun.

The magistrate, Mr Olusola Aluko, in his judgment, said the convict should be kept behind bars due to the magnitude of his offence.

The prosecutor, Insp. Fagboyinbo Abiodun, had earlier told the court that the convict committed the offence on June 10 at about 5:00 p.m., in Omobolanle area of Osogbo.

Abiodun said the convict conspired with others now at large to break into the apartments and shops in the neighborhood where they carted away some household and perishable items.

The stole soup ingredients like pepper, tomatoes, palm oil valued N2,900 and Indomie cartoon.

The suspect also broke into the house of one Afolabi Temitayo and carted away his television, antenna said to value at N1,500 and a bedroom fridge.

He said the accused was a student-pastor at a prayer ministry in Osogbo.
Abiodun said that the offence contravened Sections 516, 413, 390, 411 and 390 (9) of the Criminal Code, Cap 34, Vol. 11, Laws of Osun, 2003.

The convict who had no legal representation pleaded guilty to the 12-count charge preferred against him when his case was called.

10 thoughts on “Seminary Student, Pastor Jailed For Stealing Indomie, Tomatoes & Pepper In Osogbo Osun State

  1. Student pastor caught stealing? Na wa o! At least by pleading “guilty” he has shown that some of the teachings of his religion has touched his conscience that he should not tell lies. Hopefully he will by his experience in prison also learn that “Thou shall not steal” is also one of the commandments. Sorry o aspirant pastor!

  2. I hate that Judge and the Prosecuting officer that gave that young man that harsh judgement. Is it not very clear that, the boy was very HUNGRY to have gone to steal pepper, Maggi, tomatoes and Indomies etc.

    Those Stupid Police and Judge always cut conners when they are faced with real Criminals. Thats why i hate that judge and his judgement.#WronglyJudged #PardonAkintundeOlatunde.

  3. This was simply a sign of hunger but he must still face the consequence. Stealing is stealing and it‘s punishable anywhere in the World.

    I take a stroll…

  4. D hungry in dis country z leading most citizen to untimely death all in d name of APC and their patience slogan to nigerians..
    may God help us

  5. Pastor in embryo. I’m still trying to figure out what you will do when you become a full time Pastor. The rate of stealing is becoming alarming and something needs to be done about it. It all boils down to corruption through our leadership.People are more aggressive toward crime because of our poor economy. Leadership in this Country do not care in as much they can have enough to steal for themselves and their family. The situation of this Country should be a big concern for our lawmakers. What they should be doing now is to deliberate on how to provide a long time solution to the persistence inflation that has enmeshed this Country. Our leaders are the most useless leaders in the whole world because of their lack of foresight. All they know is how to lavish money on prostitute and oppress less privilege. Economy recession can happen anywhere in the world but the leadership in those Countries are the ones that provide solution for their citizens. Concerning the issue of thief Pastor, I think the Judgement is too harsh for stealing foods. Jail term of 6-12 month in prison is sufficient. There are some big thieves who deserve more jail term than hungry petty thieves.

  6. So sad this embryonic man of God fell into temptation. May God forgive him. Three years? That’s outrageous considering how the real thieves in this country are flaunting cash and living ostentatious life styles while the people keep dying of disease and starvation, the roads are death traps,the hospitals are stinking, factories are in moribund, and the naira keeps regressing. The politicians are the real thieves, and a good number of them should bag prison sentences. God bless Nigeria!

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