Senate Suspends Stella Oduah’s BMW Car Scam Probe


senate probe stella oduah car bribe

Nov 15, 2013 – Nigerian Senate Suspends Stella Oduah’s N255M BMW Car Bribe Probe

In what citizens are calling a tricky way to abort justice, the ongoing probe of Aviation Minister Stella Oduah has been suspended until further notice.

On Thursday, the Nigerian Senate suspended its decision to further probe the Minister of Corruption (yes o), Stella Oduah at its general session, after repeatedly deferring the minister’s appearance.

The lawmakers said yesterday that Stella Oduah will appear before the committee in the near future for new resolution.

“The Senate accordingly resolves to rescind its earlier resolution that the minister of aviation and chief executives of the aviation parastatals to brief the senate plenary,” the motion read.

A valid reason was not provided for the suspension however inside sources claim it’s an irrevocable order from the oga at the top, President Goodluck Jonathan.

This came weeks after President Jonathan allegedly took Stella Oduah to Israel in order to escape questioning.

Nigeria, a country without law….. where political criminals go scot-free.