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Sexual Abuse Not Gender Specific – Ex-Victim Breaks Silence

sexual abuse victim nigeria

Sexual Molestation Not Gender Specific – Ex-Victim Breaks Silence

The dictionary defined molestation as sexual assault or abuse of a person, especially a woman or child. For a long time now there have been so much misconception of molestation being gender specific, whenever it pops up in the national daily, the mind drags you to a picture of a woman/lady/girl being the victim of this unforgivable act best described as barbaric and animalistic.

Most people would ask how can a man be molested when per say they are much stronger and women seen as the weaker, but in real sense it happens every other day and goes unnoticed or swept under the carpet, because the male would first think of the stigma that would follow if he lays it bare and with the thought that he would be a laughing stock.

I happen to be one of the victims of sexual molestation and the pictures seems to never leave my head, although this happened when I was still a little boy, no one else knows about this act, not even my parents, it was kind of wierd living in an environment that not only threatens your security but also threatens your health and ultimately your psychological well being as the case was with me.

Back then I and my family lived in Echue water front in the most popular and mostly notorious Diobu in Port Harcourt city. Diobu housed all kinds of crime and people, ranging from cultism which led to killing, stealing and other vices, down to prostitution in quest for survival by many in a bid to escape the harsh economic condition presented by our beloved country Nigeria.

I fondly remembered calling her aunt back then( about 20 years ago now), she took advantage of my innocence to perpetrate this act of shame, it only made sense to me as years went by and I began to understand what that act was all about, although it didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and achieving same, but in real sense it would have been much more devastating to many, since it’s something that has to do with psychology, many would have crashed in pursuing their dreams, develop such hatred and fear for women as a result of the foregoing, but by divine intervention I still maintained a sound mind and went about my normal activities, I have forgotten it all baring the frequent flash of the picture in my head, I beam in the confidence that it’s all in the past and I was able to move on from it.

This goes to correct the impression that molestation is a gender specific thing, to this end I’ll advise parents to take caution and know the kind of people they grant access to carry their kids around, whether male or female, because some people have proved to be quite lower than animals with regards to behavior and reasoning.



  1. Edidiong Ekpo

    August 26, 2020 at 10:45 PM

    sexual molestation is very wrong..i wrote a song on this, will you guys love to hear about it. We must together fight this stuff together

  2. David

    September 4, 2020 at 6:25 AM

    Please o, help us tell them
    All feminist.

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