Shina Peters Marries A New Wife, Abandons Wife Dying Of Terminal Cancer


shina peters abandons wife

June 2nd, 2016 – Shina Peters Dumps Sammie Peters, Wife Dying Of Terminal Cancer, Marries A New Wife

Sammie Peters, the wife of Afrojuju legend Sir Shina Peters is heartbroken.

Sammie, a dedicated woman who took it upon herself to see her husband’s career blossom has been abandoned by her one time romantic husband.

According sources in the know, Sammie who recently recovered from a life-threatening terminal cancer returned to Nigeria from the US only to discover that Mr Peters has married a new wife.

shina peters marries a new wife

The Afrojuju legend reportedly abandoned the woman to whom he professed undying love for his new heartthrob, Olajumoke, who he attends social functions with.

The pair were spotted at Demola Oniru’s birthday some days ago.

Sammie on the other hand, is not happy about her husband betrayal as it is barely six months since she got back from America where she received her treatment. She has however, been left to lament her fate in silence.