Shina Peter’s Son, Clarence Peters Robbed Of $60,000 Production Equipment In Ghana

clarence peters robbed accra ghana

May 27, 2016 – Shina Peter’s Son, Clarence Peters Robbed Of $60,000 Production Equipment At An Hotel In Accra Ghana

Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwurah and musician Sir Shina Peter’s son is not a happy man at the moment.

Clarence Peters lost his multi million naira production equipment in a hotel in Accra Ghana last week.

Reggie Rockstone who talked on behalf of the music director said an unidentified man walked into the hotel room where Clarence Peters lodged in last Tuesday around 2am and grabbed a bag containing the expensive production equipment.

He has offered to pay anyone who can help him catch the thief a whopping $10,000.

11 thoughts on “Shina Peter’s Son, Clarence Peters Robbed Of $60,000 Production Equipment In Ghana

  1. u see it,if i ask dis man to dash me dis money he will start cracking brain for me,now unknown person don come collect d money,now u come want who go fine d person make u give am $10,000 abi? first give me d money frist and i wil go fine d person for u or u forget abt d money.

    • @buzu-k are you by any chance brother to bench because you 2 are just something else. Always make people laugh. .born comedians…lol

      Please help the guy to find his equipment.

  2. You are an******** man your ****** brothers that are robbing in Accra has visited you.. your brothers are everywhere in Accra Roaming around looking for what to still, it’s still your brothers that went to still you over there. Ghanaians don’t have the heart for that…. Pray for your people.

  3. I thought Ghana is far safer than Nigeria in issue like this ? Or abi some niger guys don trail him go Ghana? Sorry guy I wish you recover your equipments.

  4. The more the complain from Ghana about how unfair they are to Nigerins, the more you hear more Nigerins still flocks to the same Ghana inspite.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Sorry for the loss ok. Work hard and you will get another one. That is life for you. Its either you lose or you gain

  6. Eyaa! Wot a pity
    I really feel 4 u gals..
    Just hope d equipment re recovered.
    Robber’s do cause lot’s of harvoc 2 d society.

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