Shock As Woman Delivers Frog Like Baby In Gokwe Zimbabwe

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Oct 11, 2016 – Shock As Woman Gives Birth To Frog Like Baby In Gokwe Town Zimbabwe 

A 36-year-old woman identified as Precious Nyathi recently delivered a baby looking like frog in Zimbabwe.

Due to the shame and stigma attached to having a frog-like creature as baby, Precious Nyathi’s husband, 39-year-old Nomore Nyathi advised them to keep the baby at home for several days before residents broke the news to a local leader who called police to intervene.

The traditional leader reportedly got authorization from the police before ordering the couple to burn down the malformed creature which had shrunk in size.

The creature was set ablaze before a stunned crowd in Gokwe area of Zimbabwe.

The mother of the deformed baby described her experience as hell on earth.

6 thoughts on “Shock As Woman Delivers Frog Like Baby In Gokwe Zimbabwe

  1. Hmmm, this looks scary. Could that have bn the best solution? Maybe. May God bless you with another normal baby.

  2. DID it cry when it was born? If yes, then the have burnt a human being; if no, they have roasted an animal.

    TOO PAINFUL THAT THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS. Could have been that the mother had taken a harmful drug during her pregnancy.

  3. Likely mother had ZIka virus infection and the baby was born prematurely. Are we updating ourselves at all in Africa? Poor baby!!! I hope he/she was dead before the instruction to burn it.

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