Shocking Confession Of A Ritualist Caught With Human Head In Enugu State


ritualist arrested enugu human head

January 21, 2016 – Shocking Confession Of A Ritual Killer Caught With Human Skull In Enugu State

He was on his way to Abakaliki for money ritual when Enugu Police Command caught him.

Meet John Igwe, a suspected ritualist recently caught with a human skull.

During his confession, John said he has struggled so much in life to make a living but all to no avail.

Mr Igwe said he met a friend recently who introduced him to a native doctor who told him to bring human head for money ritual.

In his words:

“My friend took me to a native doctor in Abakiliki and I was asked to go and bring human head. I was going there with the human head when I was arrested.”  The head is for money; I have suffered so much in life”.

How can he be so wicked to use a fellow human head to make money.

ritual killer enugu human head

This is unbelievable.