Short And Sweet Love Story Of Man Who Met Wife At Work

short and sweet love story

Short And Sweet Love Story Of Man Who Met His Wife At Work

This short and beautiful love story will make your day.

Here is the story of a man who met his Kogi-born wife at his work place.

This is what the man with internet alias Donny Mason wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

“I worked in an office many years ago that had a lot of young single guys. Our HR, a nice lady, would always harass us that she wants to attend wedding. I told her, since we spend all our time here at work how do we find a wife that she should hire ladies.

A few months later, she hired a young pretty damsel from Kogi and came rushing to my desk the morning the new hire was starting, that ‘i have hired a lady now o’ come and marry. I smiled waiting to see the lady.

When I did, ‘something clicked’. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I called my friend who walked in a bank nearby that i have found a wife. I had not even spoken to the lady yet o. I had not even asked her if she had a boyfriend or anything. I had not even checked her personality or attitude but i was already naming our kids and printing our wedding IV card.

It took three years but tomorrow makes 8 years since we’ve been married and she makes me better at everything”.

This is why every single ladies must dress decently and nice. You never know where love will meet you.

So if you are looking for that special man, don’t forget that men are attracted to beautiful things.

Hope you have picked one or two things from this?.

Waiting for your wedding IV cards.

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