Aunt Of Baby Michael, Cancer Patient Abandoned By Kate Henshaw Says Baby Needs N12M For Surgery


cancer patient abandoned kate henshaw

May 7, 2017 – Kate Henshaw Cancer Patient Baby Michael Alvez Aunt Sidi Ezeanyeji Says Baby Needs N12M

Sidi Ezeanyeji, Aunt Of Cancer Patient, Baby Michael Abandoned By Kate Henshaw Says Baby Needs N12Million For Surgery

The family of Cancer patient, Baby Michael Alvez has opened up to Nigerians what happened days after Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw returned all the money she helped the child raised to donors.

Michael’s aunt, Sidi Ezeanyeji who is in charge of taking care of Michael’s two other siblings has narrated what actually happened that forced Kate Henshaw to take back her promise to help.

This is her own side of the story:

I am Sidi Ezeanyeji the Aunt to Baby Michael. I have been involved in the care of the baby since he was brought to me and the entire family by his mother. This is long before Kate Henshaw or Project Alert became involved.

We the family allowed Kate Henshaw and Project Alert to help and raise money on behalf of baby michael based on their promise to raise funds publicly and to help with foreign medical help. However, disagreements began when project alert began to administer drugs different from those prescribed by doctors at LUTH.

Subsequently, officials of the social welfare department of the ministry of youth and sports threatened to take the baby to a motherless babies home. It was at this point we decided to request to have baby Michael back in our custody as we are not ready to lose our child.

We contacted our lawyer who wrote the Attorney general of Lagos state copying the ministry of youths and sports and Project Alert. It was after this they released the baby to us. As a person, I am currently responsible for two other children born by baby Michael’s mother.

The boy needs N12million for urgent life saving surgery in India.