Aunt Of Baby Michael, Cancer Patient Abandoned By Kate Henshaw Says Baby Needs N12M For Surgery

cancer patient abandoned kate henshaw

May 7, 2017 – Kate Henshaw Cancer Patient Baby Michael Alvez Aunt Sidi Ezeanyeji Says Baby Needs N12M

Sidi Ezeanyeji, Aunt Of Cancer Patient, Baby Michael Abandoned By Kate Henshaw Says Baby Needs N12Million For Surgery

The family of Cancer patient, Baby Michael Alvez has opened up to Nigerians what happened days after Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw returned all the money she helped the child raised to donors.

Michael’s aunt, Sidi Ezeanyeji who is in charge of taking care of Michael’s two other siblings has narrated what actually happened that forced Kate Henshaw to take back her promise to help.

This is her own side of the story:

I am Sidi Ezeanyeji the Aunt to Baby Michael. I have been involved in the care of the baby since he was brought to me and the entire family by his mother. This is long before Kate Henshaw or Project Alert became involved.

We the family allowed Kate Henshaw and Project Alert to help and raise money on behalf of baby michael based on their promise to raise funds publicly and to help with foreign medical help. However, disagreements began when project alert began to administer drugs different from those prescribed by doctors at LUTH.

Subsequently, officials of the social welfare department of the ministry of youth and sports threatened to take the baby to a motherless babies home. It was at this point we decided to request to have baby Michael back in our custody as we are not ready to lose our child.

We contacted our lawyer who wrote the Attorney general of Lagos state copying the ministry of youths and sports and Project Alert. It was after this they released the baby to us. As a person, I am currently responsible for two other children born by baby Michael’s mother.

The boy needs N12million for urgent life saving surgery in India.

13 thoughts on “Aunt Of Baby Michael, Cancer Patient Abandoned By Kate Henshaw Says Baby Needs N12M For Surgery

  1. I am sure Kate Henshaw was out to help this little baby, mind you this child is in pains, drugs had to be administered to reduce pains. I don’t believe Project Alert , or Kate would want to harm this poor baby. Of course people donated because of the people involved. The money you paid a lawyer would have been put in good use. Where were you Sidi when doctors in LUTH were on strike, and only baby Michael was left in the ward? You are causing this child more pains,I don’t know why the family thought Kate was spending the child’s money.Now Kate has returned money to donors, how far can you go with raising #12m? It is a sad story for this little child.

  2. Henshaw tried and rallied for donations for much pressure was on her from kids family as she hands off .at least govt hospital can assist or little sum of the looted funds in osborne towers whom everyone denied will take care of the child..make una rescue this pikin abeg

  3. Well said Ace! Kate would rather hands off than allow her name to be dragged in the mud. Madam Sid what do you know about medicine or drugs? The most important thing is the child’s health irrespective of the drugs used, I’m sure Project alert would not harm the child. There must be a reason why Project Alert administered a different drug from LUTH and officials of the Social Welfare would not threaten to take a child away from his family just like that if there is no genuine reason. The family should have worked together with them and other people who showed interest in the welfare of the child including Kate Henshaw to make sure the child is treated both here in Nigeria and abroad as planned if you as the family have his interest at heart. The problem with most families is that they claim to have the interest of the sick person at heart but are only doing so for their own hidden interest. You paid a Lawyer and you have achieved your aim, the child has been handed over to you but not the money because it has to be accounted for otherwise you may call Project aler and Kate Hensham rouges. Nigerians for the sake of this sick child please help.


  5. The tone of the lawyer’s letter giving ultimatum to Project alert did not suggest the conciliatory stand the family is now trying to adopt. Nevertheless it is the little boy that feels the pain so people should help…. A beg o!

  6. Madam Anike, I complained because the turmoil on michael’s face widen up immediately, and I think since the child was put on my care I have right to report to Kate Henshaw and project alert, which I did.. my mum was with baby michael at Luth but Kate force them from Luth to Project Alert shelter at Akute without my knowledge. 3rd Kate did not informed us before using our baby name to open account.. 4th Kate henshaw and project alert conpire with Alausa to withdraw michael from Hospital to motherless babies home.. 5th I called lawyer not because I have cash with me but because they refused to hold to their promised but instead withdraw in forcing michael to motherless babies home from hospital. We are not financially to fly him for medical doesn’t make blind to law

  7. Baby michael was never abandoned at LUTH, Michael grandma Was there all through alone in the ward with michael..pls don’t forget michael was there for 1year plus even when michael has been discharged from hospital because Dr said they facilities to use on him there not available in the country.. lawyer take up our case with no charge, my lawyer did not collect penny from me to take up the case

  8. Michael stands with God. Kate Henshaw and aramide Kasumu and project alert has been using poor in innocent Nigerians. How can you open account in michael’s name without the consent of his family and when they find out you engage yourself in forcefully taking the child from them. Kate henshaw, project alert and Aramide Kasumu are running a non governmental scam profitproneurs!!

  9. I am sidi, kate henshaw, aramide Kasumu and project alert forced michael and grandma from hospital to a shelter at Akute without my consent.. and opened an account on michael’s name without the family consent.. is that how to help people

  10. Sidi Ezeanyeji is not asking for any donor. The donor by good Nigerians is still with kate henshaw, aramide Kasumu and project alert. Naijagist please take note

  11. I sidi Ezeanyeji didn’t ask anyone for donor please…Kate henshaw is still holding on to good Nigerians donor so why will I ask for another Donor from Nigerias.. please take note that is a wrong information, I only said michael will be needing 12millions for operation!! Take note please

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