Lanre Teriba Atorise Now Using Wheelchair After Armed Robbery Attack

lanre teriba atorise wheelchair

March 8, 2013 – Gospel Singer Lanre Teriba Atorise Now Using Wheelchair After Armed Robbery Attack In South Africa

Nigerian gospel singer Lanre Teriba popularly called Atorise who got injured in an armed robbery attack last month in Pretoria South Africa has revealed his condition for the very first time after the attack.

He was shot on the leg by a group of armed robbers who stormed the theatre were he performed alongsides Dele Taiwo in South Africa.

The injured singer was immediately rushed to a local hospital where he has been receiving treatment since.

Below is an update from Lanre Teriba:

“The doctors have put me on wheelchair for now at Steve Biko hospital in Pretoria South Africa. About people who doubted him, he said;  I don’t want to send the pictures because I don’t want to remain on the seat. I just want people to pray for me to get up and walk with my legs.”

Wishing him quick recovery.

47 thoughts on “Lanre Teriba Atorise Now Using Wheelchair After Armed Robbery Attack

  1. My good God cares, Just hope in God. He knows every thing. Sorry my dear and u wil work wit ur 2 legs

  2. Use this period to pray more and get closer to God and He will show u mercy,Job 22:21.

  3. Use this period to pray more and get closer to God and He will have mercy on you,Job 22:21.

  4. Lanre, move closer to your creator than before, He love more than anybody, surely, I believe He will heal you and you will walk with your two leg in Jesus name.
    Sorry Lanre…….

  5. This things is not consist of prayer because lanre teriba know as atorise has backslide,it’s just a punishement from the lord god,d bible say mercy is glofy in d jugement throne,atorise bcuz of dis riceved mercy of thy lord in jesus name u shal b heal by d power of word (amen)

  6. Go back 2 God, He wl surely hv mercy upon u, if u continue d way u re now cos of money nd tins of dis world u wl end up in hell,dis is just warnin,God did it cos,He stil luv u, go bck 2 Him,He wl heal u

  7. Lanre,we all huv sinned and com short d glory of God,dis will stand as a lesson T u,2 run bck 2 Christ b4 it too late,AM BCK O,AM BCK 2 U O LORD U’VE BEEN CALLING ME 2 COM BCK AND AM BCK 2 U FINALLY,A BO ORO LA SO FUN OMOLUABI TO BA DENU RE ADI ODIDIN

  8. Atorise wot eva situation u r always giv tnz 2 God cos he is d one dat spear ur lyf n pls mov closer 2 God mor dan b4 and i knw dat he dat heal d lame man, man of leprosy and even a woman with a flown of blood wil definately heal u in jesus name cal upon him accordin 2 matt7:7

  9. God luv’s u lanre, dt y his warning u,remember d plain crash nd ds one dt happned to u ds is a warning to u. retrace ur step!!!

  10. I pray God will heal you check ur way you kw what you are doing dat God is not happy with you I dt kw but I believe if you are lieing to me. I won’t kw but you will surely kw dat you are leining so I pray you will stand and walk with your two leg okay you are bless

  11. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. Lanre, are d holy spirit still leading your step? Bcos d bible says: surely he shall deliever thee from d snare of d fowler, and from d noisome pestilence. Lanre do u still know that Dady still loves u? Now he had delievered u on two occassions dat stuggling to do away wit yr life, bt d bible says, He shall cover thee wt his feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Bt now under what wing ‘re u? I pray, may d Lord have mercy over u and every one of us. I decree! recieve yr healing in Jesus name. Bt 2moro might be late go back to yr God today.

  12. Jesus said to that man standup and walk immediately he walk with is two legs,i say on to you shall walk with your two legs in jesus name.amen i love you….

  13. The Lord chastens anyone He loves . So Bro. Lanre, remember your song that saved many lives ‘I’m Back Home’. Heaven is still counting on you. God bless you bro.

  14. My only advice 4 u is dat, u should just go back 2 ur God n accept him as ur lord n personel saviour b4 it is too late 4 u n stop singing rubbish.

    • Only one more year left 4 lanre teriba becus he suport d end time singer u run away from God nd u fal into d hand of satan, u can stil com bak 2 God now.

  15. Bro. Lanre, may the good Lord lay His healing hands on your legs and make it able again in Jesus name.
    As Peter said to the lame man in the Bible that came to pass, so shall, al what we hav al said shall al come to pass in ur life BUT sir, u need to change ur ways to ur creator. Remember, u are gvn EVANGELIST by CAN but later withdrawn frm u due to change of ur gospel song.

    Is not too late to turn back to God cos tomorow might be too late. Listen to dis:
    Aye si nbe nile odo agutan, ewa ogo re pe o, pe ma bo. Wole wole wole ni sinsin yi. Ewa ogo re npe o pe ma bo.

  16. hmmmm, o ga oo! Firstly b4 i make my comment let me kindly sing dis song to praise my GOD in ur life!
    Oose JESU too fi ife nla dayin si opolopo lotiku tiwon tifile bora owun o ninu anu ree tofi ife nla dayin si ogo, iyin, ola loye oo MESSIAH….. I thank GOD 4 keepn u alive til now…..
    Sir, u hav made a lot of mistake in ur music industry! U’ar askin me how? Dont u no dat d way u sing now is far different like b4! U dont need to associate urself with other music like fuji music, hiphop music… E.t.c pls change ur step I pray dat ALMIGHTY GOD wil heal u.

  17. i dont knw how u people reason sometime,is bcos armed robbery attacked him nw means is a sinner or he did something wrong to GOD?do u knw how many people die in a day or bad things happen to?black people wit black thinking….pls leave judgement for God and stop nonsense comment.

  18. My lovely broda sorry 4 dis, am sure dis is weeked world we are pls close to GOD allmight, I pray may d lord help nd delievered u frm dis nothing world keep d faith nd pray allways I wish u recovery soon.

  19. Lanre u av read every preacher comment pls i dont need 2preach again bcos God is just warning 2comeback to him,i wish quick recovery ijn.

  20. I dont pity him for a seconds bcs he has turned back frm God,let him go back to lord wit his wheelchair nothing bad in thee maybe he would now sing normal music to praise lord.

  21. Uhmmmmm!!! Lanre Teriba,i tink ure opportune to read da entire world’s comment,then you’ll know were you’re lacking…I believe you’ve learnt your lesson..I know my God is a merciful God…He will make you work wif your 2legs again,but pls pls nd pls,come bck to your lord God finally as you’ve sang…

  22. lanre,May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob heal u… Here is my advice; lanre, u r nw too wordly.

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