Single Ladies! Here Is How To Attract A Godly Husband For Marriage


how to attract a godly husband for marriage

March 4, 2017 – Single Ladies! Here Is How To Attract A Godly Husband For Marriage

There are a lot of single ladies out there who are very beautiful but are not married. The first thing that religious leaders tell them is that their delay is as a result of some spirit or ancestral curses or demon possession.

Some even accuse you of having a spirit husband. Yes! Spiritual factors can cause delay in marriage but it is not in all cases. It is very important to always have a broad perspective of issues in life. You can run away from reality for sometime but you can never escape from the consequences of reality.

If you are a single lady, there is hope for you if you are in Christ Jesus. “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask WHATEVER you wish, and it will be done for you” (John 15:7).

However, it is important that you look inwards and avoid unnecessary fear. To ensure that you marry your own husband and not another person’s own, you must conquer prevalent fears like the fear of rejection and the fear of never getting married. It leads to destructive desperation.

There is also this fear of getting old and fear of personality inadequacy. My dear, if someone is not qualified to be your husband, he is not. Don’t hang on to the relationship because of fear.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2nd Timothy 1:7). Respect men. A single lady that talks to and insults young men in public is obviously not looking for a husband to marry.

First, you must realize that you are insulting somebody’s future husband or even present husband. That is an indication that you are not qualified to have one. You must be able to draw a line between respect and display of confidence.

For instance, except in the course of official relationships, or as a reaction to a life-threatening behaviour such as attempted rape, don’t ever use a commanding tone on a guy in a way that portrays you as being disrespectful, especially if you are in a premarital or marital relationship with him. Self confidence does not mean disrespect or disobedience to biblical instructions.

A lady must know where to draw a line between both. If you are a lady that dresses like a prostitute, always exposing private parts of your body for public view, don’t expect a responsible guy to propose marriage to you.

If you hardly take your bath, or wear dirty or smelling dresses or leave your armpit unkept and smelling, no responsible guy will come near you. It is only those who may be attracted by lust to come and hit and run that you will see.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Every responsible young man today looks forward to marrying a lady who has virtues like humility, patience, foresight, wisdom, homeliness, sincerity, trust and focus. It goes beyond physical appearance. Don’t fall for parental pressure. Do not marry just to enhance your parents’ CV of grandma or grandpa.

If you are facing such human pressures, refuse to bow in the interest of your future. Marriage is not the wedding ceremony. It is what happens thereafter.

Above all, “trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-6). Avoid past mistakes. It is amazing to see a trend where a woman gets pregnant for someone.

The guy abandons her with the child after delivery without official marriage. That child later grows up, falls into the same trap. Her own child eventually does the same thing again.

In some cases, it has to do with ancestral curses and bloodline issues that need deliverance session. In some other cases, there is no spiritual undertone but mere foolishness of their victim.

If your parents made mistakes in marital relationship and today, you are more enlightened and claim to be a Christian, what efforts are you making to avoid the same mistakes? May you not repeat the marital mistakes of your parents in Jesus name! Love God. A lot of singles are not interested in God and things related to him,especially on marital issues.

This is because of the picture that through their upbringing, they have been given about God. Many see God as one imagination. Others feel he is one deity that is so slow to prayer answers, so unfaithful and difficult to access.

Others see God as a Sunday- sunday religious ceremony. Some see God as some human being called prophet or pastor who has proven himself to be very unreliable.

But until you personally experience the living God, you may never know or see how loving and responsive your creator could be. In the days of our parents, couples who were intending to get married visited oracles to determine the future of their children’s marriage. This was the best they knew. But at least, they acknowledged the fact that a superior power should control marital affairs.

Today, many young people take destiny issues for granted. Some marry just out of societal pressure, which has made many of the ladies to believe that outside marriage, they have no value.

This is not true. Many have settled for just anything in the name of husband and they opt for divorce once they can no longer cope. What I am saying here is that you need God, the founder of marriage to get it right.

A confident lady loves God and obeys God’s word to the letter because there is a place for divine GRACE and DELIVERANCE from demonic influence.

A responsible and confident lady craves for a husband that loves God, prays for him and does everything to draw his attention to the things of God. This is the lady that responsible guys seek as wife. This thing works like magnet. You attract your kind. Are you that responsible lady that should be married? Check your life.

[By Albinus Chiedu, Saturday Telegraph]