Sola Kosoko Abina: I Met My Husband In 1999, He Was My Math Teacher

sola kosoko married math teacher

August 29, 2016 – Sola Kosoko Abina: I Met My Husband In 1999, He Used To Be My Math Teacher

Excerpts from Sola Kosoko’s recent chat with Nollywood actress Sola Kosoko

How have you been copying with marriage and acting, do you stay with your husband?

Of course we stay together. I just spoke with him on the phone now. My husband is based here in Nigeria. He works in a telecommunication company as an architect. I just came back from abroad where I had gone to deliver my baby. So, back to the question of how I have been coping with marriage and acting, I would say it’s been God all the way. If I say it’s been easy, that means I’m not being truthful to myself. Combining marriage, acting and motherhood is very tasking, but the Lord has always been my strength.

How did you meet your husband?

The truth of the matter is that I have known my husband even before I became this famous. He has been my very close friend since I was in secondary school but we never dated, he was always there supporting me. He’s very good at calculations and I’m not that good, so he was always helpful. Even when I got admission into the higher institution, he never turned back; he supported me academically and financially. We met shortly before my 20th birthday in 1999, but I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

8 thoughts on “Sola Kosoko Abina: I Met My Husband In 1999, He Was My Math Teacher

  1. Good of u, d lord be wit u and ur marriage in d Name of jesus, pls take dis ur marriage is ur ministry pls take not, God bless u

  2. He used to be your Maths teacher but now as fate has joined you guys together as husb/wife, he is now your PRACTICAL Biology teacher behind closed doors. Its a happy end to a story.

    My strolling continues…

  3. Yeah. Your husband was very dedicated Mathematics teacher when I was secondary school . I could remembered days in Egba comprehensive High school, Asero.Happy married life.

  4. Honestly I’m happy to see you married, you are one of the actress I admire so much and I believe that you are well mannered, and I don’t have any doubt that you will be humble to your husband, God will continue to guide and guard your home IJN AMEN

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