South African Reporter Carol Tshabalala Rejects CNN Job Because She Is Against Raising Kids In US

Carol Tshabalala rejects cnn job offer

Oct 10, 2016 – South African Reporter Carol Tshabalala Rejects CNN Job Offer Because She Is Against Raising Kids In America

In a recent chat with Anele Mdoda, Carol Tshabalala, a popular Sportscaster in South Africa says she rejected a job offer from CNN Atlanta because people there live life on the fast lane.

On Why she relocated to SA, the divorced mum of two says raising kids in America is not a good option for her children.

Her words:

I turned down CNN Atlanta job because I don’t want my children growing up in the United States. I like to go for visit and come back. I refused to raise my kids there because life over there is just too fast.

Do you agree with her?

15 thoughts on “South African Reporter Carol Tshabalala Rejects CNN Job Because She Is Against Raising Kids In US

  1. Many womens are fine but are mumu. It hard to see womens weyris fine and having sense. This woman is have sense well. I am dey sure say she is smoke igbo. Indomie can not posibul to make persin wise like this. Is only igbo. I am dey sure say if na CNN Jamaica was call her she for go there so that she go see more igbo to smoke.

  2. nonsense this one them don dey follow her for her village. train up a child in a way he shld go and that child will never depart from it. so many people are looking for that opportunity you threw away.

  3. well you’ve heard it from her, there country is very organised structure and economy wise, she’s proud of her country which good. not like Nigeria who think USA is heaven. due to to much desire to travel to USA am not sure Nigeria Journalist will be offered such job at CNN.

  4. Hei guys, those of you who are calling this woman names are the most *******, do you think she is like you guys who doesnt think before acting. i love her idea because westerners doesnt know how to raise children

  5. She’s right. SA is just like usa. Don’t ever compare their economy with Nigeria. Nigeria is far back. Her country is fine and well organised. I support her in her decision to reject that offer. One man’s food is another man’s poison. That’s life for u.

  6. It’s 50/50 my dear. If a child determines to be spoilt, no matter how hard u try to discipline him/her, it changes nothing. But God is the only one that can watch over them where ever they go cos you won’t be with them in every places they find themselves like school and so on

  7. Everyone with there own opinion and dreams….do not use yours to condemn others….it is better you die with your dreams rather than living in someone else’s

  8. The lady makes a lot of sense. If you want your children to imbibe certain values, raising them in an environment you are not in apposition to monitor them and particularly when they are still very young is not the best. Wish her all the best!

  9. I agree with her decision to raise her children in an environment that is more cultural, more family oriented. For a single mother in her line of profession, it can be challenging to raise children in US. However, the will of God should be the first thing to consider.
    I wish her and her children a successful life.

  10. hi guys,.@ rapo true talk my brother.south Africa is worse than America the only different is the killing in America.I live in Johannesburg. but I don’t blame her because they ‘re not used to travel. they like their country a lot, even their footballers don’t stay oversea..if u train a child in south Africa at tender age, u don’t ‘ve a child.

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