South African Woman With Ebola Arrested At Lagos Nigeria Airport [PHOTOS]

south african ebola lagos airport

Sept 11, 2014 – South African Woman With Ebola Arrested At Lagos Nigeria Airport [PICTURES]

Confusion At Muritala Mohammed International Airport In Ikeja Lagos Over Ebola

A woman from South Africa has been arrested by Officials of Lagos State Health Ministry in Lagos after she showed signs of EVD (Ebola Virus Disease).

The woman (identity withheld) told authorities she had worked with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The resident of Cape Town was on her way back to South Africa. She arrived on a flight from Morocco enroute to South Africa when she acknowledged that she has Ebola.

Health officials said she has diarrhea, high fever and has been vomiting non stop.

Read what Doctor Morenike, the director of Port Health Services at Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos said:

 “This person has been in Guinea and Sierra Leone since April, and she has symptoms.”

She is the second high profile Ebola case in Nigeria.

As at the time of this report, effort is being made to quarantine those who had contact with her.

27 thoughts on “South African Woman With Ebola Arrested At Lagos Nigeria Airport [PHOTOS]

  1. Why does she have to take Nigeria to South Africa, can’t she find a direct flight to Morocco? dis woman is d daughter of the devil sent to harm more Nigerians. God will not permit you

    • You don’t sound like a married woman Mrs shittu, you need to be enlightened for your mistakes. This woman is from helping many souls, revisit your words madam you sound like a riffraff. Thank you.

  2. no wasting time, go and cremate her immediately
    south africa is of no use to Nigeria see how they are treating our citizens

  3. why most all devil flight to nigeria, she is south africa,travelling to morocco,why first naija b4 morroco.i was happy everything is getting better b4 Ile-iya and christmas,now this again.

  4. Are these people paid to always bring Ebola to naija seriously I don’t just understand this well naija should be more vilgillant now bcos bad belle people want to make sure they infect everybody with this so called Ebola disease,God help us.

  5. Nigerians!!! When dr is problem, instead of us doing our best to get solution, some idiots dt Ԅ ambassadors leave ϑ country karen left, Omotola ran to south Africa wt her family shey ds woman dt was caught isn’t ☺n her way to southy ni and if people like omotola met her in southy what then will be ϑ story

  6. This must be an arrangement,after patrick sawyer has suscided in depositing ebola into Nigeria,another one has come again. Please you people should package her like takeaway and send her back where she comes from. Meanwhile,the police officers that get in contact with her should be isolated for checkup.

  7. All this so call South Africa ,Liberia any other Africans that come to naija and show sign of EDD,just inject them finish and cremeted their body,so that we can be free from this Agent killer,that want to bring Ebola to their country children are going to school,their Govt,even stop nigeria flight from coming into their country,but once any of them have signs of EVD they send them to nigeria why. i see no reason she cant take direct flight from south africa to morocco or to any place she want to travell to,most it be stop in naija,people that on flight with this devil ,their life in danger without knowing,they too will transfar to many.all of them know they have it,cos south african woman acknowledged she have Ebola, she live and work with Ebola people in Guinea and Sierra leone,since April,God will finish all ur Generation wicked being.any Body call Liberia i hate this so call people.Patrice Sawyer Ebola,is Nr-1 person that imported this Ebola into naija with help of their the third Liberia again,cos 1 liberia enter by road last time into naija,they got him,also with ebola,they should stop this traditional belive thing,take e.g from nigeria they way we control it,immedately Isolation anybody in contact with ebola,belive their is ebola,things will be good,any death cremented their body ,not normal buriel.but no they hold and wash death body, even they tell them is ebola,my brother they are didfferent africa than us,that reason ebola will finsh millions their,if care is not takeing.if is not love of money that kill that Doctor,who treat ebola person in hotel,ebola will remain in Lagos alone,but useless brother of patrick take million naira and import it to Port-harcourt,God is in control and education in naija,we will get curb of ebola,once no more other africas bring it to naija.Ile-Iya and Christmax coming oh God,i pray we dont celebrate inn door cos of ebola.

  8. nawo naija pple this is a lesson pls stay away from visitors u dont know too well,as for the woman ur sins have catch up with u b/c u know that u have EVD so why did u come to naija?

  9. Nigerian government needs to make a policy to KILL and set ablaze anyone that comes into our country with ebola. If everyone is aware of that, they wont come to our country to expose us to ebola risk. For Gods sake, Nigeria does not have zmapp to cure ebola.

  10. I bless God for his mercy on all of us in this country, why do they have to always come to Nigeria, God has shown he is mighty. If she was wasn’t noticed no so she for begin her own spreading again, God I thank u.

  11. It is just a matter quarantining her and provide her with adquate medication unlike throwing unneccessary stones of foolishness, this woman was helping people in Guine and seira leone.

  12. It is now turning to a cycle? They must have heard that we successfully isolated the 1st case with less % casualty, now Nigeria is now a haven for them? Maybe its hightime the press started reporting the wrong news that Nigeria cant fight Ebola

    And FG ‘re bringing forward school resumption dates.
    I hope the already crippled health sector won’t face Armageddon if these kids are exposed to ebola thru the govts carelessness.

  13. Akuwax, you must be an ****. Why didn’t She go to Zambia en route Morocco? instead She came to Nigeria. Does Nigeria look like a Quarantine zone for Ebola victims to you? I don’t blame you, some of you were very happy when Sawyer brought this dreaded virus to Nigeria, you thought the end has come for this great Nation. But let me assure you the God we serve will never abandon us. ******

  14. pls let us not condemn her, she is a health worker and have been helping in tackling this deadly virus, let us pray that she recover from it.

  15. some pple can’t read simple English , she came from Morocco going to south Africa. so pple who came in contact with her in Morocco need help too.

  16. U people should give ur heart to God instead of praying for the poor woman who went an extra mile to help others you wish her dead shame on u

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